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Speechy® are a world-class team of wedding speechwriters on a mission to make wedding speeches better.

Our advice has been quoted everywhere from The Times to The New York Times, and from The Drew Barrymore Show to BBC Sounds ‘Best Men’ podcast with Jason Manford.

We’re TV scriptwriters and comedians by trade but romantics at hearts. Every year, we help hundreds of speakers around the globe create speeches that are memorable for all the right reasons.  Find out how we can help you…


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Written your speech but it needs a polish? Send it to us and we’ll make it better.

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Work directly with our elite team of speechwriters and create an epic speech or vows.

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A masterclass on how to improve your speech delivery in a confidence-boosting online coaching session.

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Our templates create unique, witty, and blooming brilliant speeches.  

Whether you’re the father of the groom, the sister of the bride, a gay groom, or want to deliver a joint speech, we have the perfect template for you…

Did you know, we wrote the new wedding speech bible?

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‘The Modern Couple’s Guide to Wedding Speeches’

Expert advice on speech planning, writing and delivery, and over a dozen speech examples.

Ditch the Googled gags and cheesy cliches, and make your speeches a wedding day highlight.

Disclosure: If you buy products after following a link from this website, we may earn a commission.

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''I had an unbelievable experience working with Speechy. From the moment I got in touch with them I felt supported and come the day of my best mans speech, it went down a storm with a standing ovation.''
''Speechy deserves more than 5 stars. (They) produced a factual, funny Mother of the Bride speech with just the right amount of emotion..... it was ingenious. Thank you so much for the wonderful & priceless memory of having delivered my speech at my daughter’s wedding and nailed it ... and got a standing ovation too. My children were very proud of me, including my new son-in-law! ''
''These Guys are tremendous! One main point is that its not their speech - its yours! This is because it is based totally around what you would like to say, but its the spin that Speechy puts on it, that is the magical bit... Ordinary words become a hilariously entertaining event. There were giggles, applauds, laughs, tears, cheers and standing ovation – all in that order!''
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''Feeling anxious or stressed about an upcoming speech? Look no further than Speechy... I just delivered my Best Man speech this past weekend and absolutely crushed it. I was nervous leading up to the moment, but while delivering my speech, I didn't want the experience to end, the room was hooked, and laughing at every joke. Worth every penny... Thank you!''
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''Navigating through the wedding industry often feels like you’re stuck on a conveyer belt....Speechy is the complete opposite. They treat you and your wedding like you’re the one and only. I couldn’t recommend them more.''
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''Heidi and the whole team at Speechy are an absolute gem! In addition to their talent and extensive experience in speech writing, Heidi had an impressive way of listening to me talk about mine and my partners personal anecdotes, before putting it in such a funny and beautiful way that it felt as though she’d known us for years.''

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