Australian wedding traditions speeches speech writing help

Australian Wedding Traditions We Love

Australian Wedding Traditions We Love

Make the most of the country you're getting married in! A union between two loved-up people in cute outfits is never anything but lovely, but it’s the differences between weddings that make them truly vibrant and exciting.

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Australian wedding traditions

We think there’s something wonderfully cool about Australian ceremonies, which merge customs that speak to a diverse and multicultural population. Some of these customs hail from indigenous practice, which modern couples are increasingly sensitive to.


A centuries-old practice involves newlyweds each casting a rock into a body of water to seal the wedding, symbolising their union withstanding the ebbs and flows of life and thriving.

Another super lovely stone ceremony invites family and close friends to place colourful stones into a ‘unity bowl’ to represent their support for the couple’s union, which is then gifted to the newlyweds.

Adding guests’ names or significant words to the stones is a popular modern trend.

Etsy has a range of beautiful unity bowls to choose from.

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Australians have a deep appreciation of the Earth they inhabit.

Today, some couples are choosing to add an ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ to their wedding ceremonies to pay tribute to the original custodians of the Australian land they marry on.

As well as recognising the Aboriginal culture and heritage, it is also an opportunity to show you’re a couple who care about the plights of others and honouring people other than yourself. It’s simply a mark of respect and especially poignant if you get married in the great outdoors.

You can use the AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia to determine the custodians of your wedding site and read more about how to add this acknowledgement to your day.

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Another ancient custom some couples honour is the smoking ceremony, where newlyweds are fanned with the smoke of burning plants and herbs which are assumed to have healing properties that ward off evil spirits and bless the marriage.

As part of a Welcome to Country ritual, the smoking ceremony can be a way to educate and inspire international wedding guests. However, it’s important that this symbolic and deeply spiritual practice is carried out thoughtfully, and with sensitivity to its origins.

Go Cultural offers a range of services for couples wanting to add some cultural awareness to their day. There’s no taking a back seat for Aussie women. Where many western countries still observe the father ‘giving the bride away’, it’s common for both parents proudly walk their Australian daughter down the aisle. And, in the interests of fairness, the groom is also escorted to the altar by his parents!

Many modern couples shun the outdated idea altogether and just go it alone. Nor are there any stuffy restrictions on bridesmaids and groomsmen; these days, couples choose friends of any gender to stand beside them as they make their marriage official.

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John Legend may be the number one most popular Aussie wedding song, but many wedding couples employ a didgeridoo player to honour that inimitable low, smooth sound of Australia at some point during their day.

An icon of indigenous Australia, and possibly the world’s oldest musical instrument, the didgeridoo is often imagined as the mesmerising sound of the earth being given a voice.

Musician Lewis Burns aims to encourage mindfulness towards his beautiful Aboriginal culture when he plays.


Some Aussie couples still honour the traditional three-tiered wedding cake, while others ditch it for this simple but delicious alternative.

A truly Australian gem, a Lamington is a dessert of vanilla cake cut it into squares and covered in chocolate and coconut flakes. It’s so loved, it even has its own national day, on 21 July!

Some couples choose to add their own twist to the traditional dish by experimenting with flavours, toppings, and colouring. You only have to search Pinterest to get some great, delicious Lemington wedding inspo.

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Aussie Style Speeches

Nowhere is it more important to project that irreverent, witty, distinctly Aussie tone, than during the wedding speeches.

Read our guide to making your wedding speech funny and make sure your toast hits the mark.

The ballsy bridesmaid:

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