Wedding Speech Cue Cards and Notes

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Once we’ve worked our magic writing with our clients, we’re often asked if using notes and cue cards is okay on the day. Of course, do what you’re comfortable with, but the Speechy team suggests you DO. Great delivery is equally as important as a great speech. The last thing you want is to lose […]

Write A Funny Wedding Speech

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All wedding speeches should be funny. They can be sentimental and heartfelt but they’ve got to be funny too. Of course, writing a witty, humorous speech isn’t about googling gags (bet you’ve already seen some stinkers). It’s actually about looking at the characters sitting at the Top Table and having a laugh with their unique […]

Stepfather of The Bride Speech

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If a bride has asked you to deliver a speech at her wedding, it’s because she feels you are one of the people who know and love her best, and we all know that she’s the boss! A stepfather of the bride speech is becoming more common at weddings for obvious reasons. The Speechy team […]

Father of the Bride Quotes- Add Wit & Wisdom

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Quotes are a great way of helping dads sum up a lifetime of love in a few eloquent sentences. While plagiarism is never allowed quoting clever people is. The Speechy team have written 100s of amazing speeches for fathers around the world but as much as we love creating original material for our clients, sometimes […]

How To Deliver A Wedding Speech

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If the thought of delivering your wedding speech is filling you with dread, then fear no more. The Speechy team have worked in TV for decades, picking up the tricks of the trade from top presenting talent. After directing celebs such as Top Gear’s Richard Hammond, Sharon Osbourne, and Mel Giedroyc, we know how to […]

Father of the Bride Speech Videos

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The father of the bride speech is often one of the highlights of a wedding. You’ve got a whole lifetime of material at your disposal – which means almost guaranteed laughs and more than a couple of tugs at the heartstrings. However, there are pitfalls. Common mistakes include over-sentimentality, over-thanking and simply dragging on too long. […]

Uncle Of The Bride Speech

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If the bride has asked you to deliver a speech at her wedding it’s because she feels you are one of the people who know and love her best, and we all know that she is the boss! The Speechy team have helped numerous uncles around the world deliver amazing speeches, adding humour, love and […]

Rhyming Father Of The Bride Speech

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Your daughter is getting married. What better way to pay tribute to how wonderful she is than by doing it the way Keats, Wordsworth and Shakespeare did? By writing an almighty, Father of the Bride poem. Father of the Bride rhyming speeches are increasingly common these days. They’re always popular, as the inventiveness of the […]


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Looking for advice on how to write the perfect brother of the bride speech for your sister? Speechy are here to help!

Memorise Your Wedding Speech

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As if writing a great speech isn’t enough of an achievement, guess what? Now you’ve got to read the thing out. First of all, we cannot emphasise this enough; it is more than acceptable to use notes or cue cards when reading your wedding speech in front of an audience. This isn’t the West End. […]

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