Write A Funny Wedding Speech

wedding speeches funny hire speechwriter

All wedding speeches should be funny. They can be sentimental and heartfelt but they’ve got to be funny too. Of course, writing a witty, humorous speech isn’t about googling gags (bet you’ve already seen some stinkers). It’s actually about looking at the characters sitting at the Top Table and having a laugh with their unique […]

How To Deliver A Wedding Speech

wedding speeches funny family help

If the thought of delivering your wedding speech is filling you with dread, then fear no more. The Speechy team have worked in TV for decades, picking up the tricks of the trade from top presenting talent. After directing celebs such as Top Gear’s Richard Hammond, Sharon Osbourne, and Mel Giedroyc, we know how to […]

Maid of Honour Quotes

wedding speeches quotes maid of honour hire a writer

If you’re looking to find the perfect quote to pop in your Maid of Honour speech, look no further! The Speechy Team have curated our favourite Maid of Honour-friendly quotes about love, friendship and marriage. You don’t have to compare thee to a summer’s day or go for the old clichés. Why choose Shakespeare when […]

Rhyming Maid of Honour Speech

maid of honour speech advice wedding help

Maid of honour speeches are already a highlight at any wedding lucky enough to have one. But, as good as the tributes are, they’re EVEN BETTER when they rhyme. Yes, poetic speeches are officially a wedding speech trend. They’re a surefire winner, combining wordplay with wit and they always elicit a great response from the […]

South Asian Maid of Honour Speech Guide

wedding speeches South Asian Maid of Honour speech

As the bride’s chuddi buddy or sister, this is your opportunity to share with a room of the bride’s closest loved ones (and a couple of hundred strangers who the couple’s parents invited through sheer obligation) what is it about the bride that you love so much.

Memorise Your Wedding Speech

Groom Wedding Toast Hitched Speech Writer

As if writing a great speech isn’t enough of an achievement, guess what? Now you’ve got to read the thing out. First of all, we cannot emphasise this enough; it is more than acceptable to use notes or cue cards when reading your wedding speech in front of an audience. This isn’t the West End. […]

Wedding Speech Etiquette

Wedding Speech Etiquette

When we speak to clients most want a speech that feels ‘completely unique’ but also follows traditional wedding speech etiquette. Luckily we like a challenge… What we advise is this… be polite, be grateful but don’t be tied down by old traditions that make speeches sound ‘samey’, clichéd or lazy. That said, a marriage gets off […]


Brother's wedding speeches help write a speech

He’s been there your whole life. Friends from the beginning (well most of the time). And now someone has, for whatever reason, agreed to marry him. Who better to toast him on his big day than his long-suffering sister?  There can be many reasons a sister of the groom is chosen to read at their […]

Maid of Honour Speech Videos

maid of honour speech advice wedding help

Maid of honour speeches has unleashed funny women everywhere, allowing them the chance to show off all the funny and highly embarrassing stories they’ve racked up on the bride over the years. So what makes a good maid of honour speech? In general, as with any speech, some solid jokes, a couple of stories and […]

Hen or Stag Speeches

best man speech

Karting. A rejuvenating skin brightening facial. Blow up penises… Some of the obvious options to consider for a stag or hen do. A speech? Not so much. But hold on, this might be one of the best things you can add to the event. Unlike the obligatory L-plates, team t-shirts and gimp outfits, a speech […]

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