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christening speechThe Christening of your child not only marks the beginning of a special relationship between them and your faith, but also between their new Godparents. Of course, it could just be a brilliant excuse to throw a  party and test your ability to juggle childcare with hosting, catching up with friends and trying not to get baby-sick on your new fancy clothes.

Whatever the case, it’s important to acknowledge the importance of the day and find time to include a few words that honour your favourite people.

If you are finding this a daunting task but want to ensure your loved ones are appreciated, Speechy is here to help you navigate the perfect Christening speech.

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How to write a sentimental Christening speech

  • Keep it between 5-10 minutes long.
  • Thank everyone for coming: Acknowledge your family and those who have helped make this day extra special.
  • Shout out the Godparents: Touch on why you have chosen these select people to be a huge part of your child’s life.
  • Add some humour: Sharing laughter means sharing love.
  • Finish with a nod to the future: Take a moment to share your hopes and dreams for your child.
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Thank everyone for coming

The perfect Christening is not possible without a wonderful group of friends and family, so ease yourself in by thanking everyone for coming and making this day so special. There will be groups that have travelled far, an Auntie who baked the cake and a few friends that helped blow up balloons so ensure these acts of love don’t go unnoticed.

If your child is still a baby, feel free to acknowledge that it feels strange to be dressed up and not in your pyjamas, covered in baby puree. Confess that you’re no longer sure your conversation skills extend beyond ‘goo=goo, gah-gah’ and that you may feel compelled to point out a dumper truck if one drives past.

On a more serious note, take this time to acknowledge how lucky you and your partner feel to have this little bundle of joy making an addition to your family.

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Shout out the Godparents

Whilst this day is hugely significant for you and your child, it is also a special day for the chosen Godparents too. Additionally, it may be worth noting that not everyone in the room may have met the Godparents, so this is the perfect opportunity to enlighten the room on how much you value these people. So…

  • Explain how you know them
  • Reveal those traits and habits that the Godparents possess that made them suitable for the role. Include the genuinely valuable characteristics and the comedic ones too! For example, ‘I hope they can instil in our child their hardworking ethic and strong moral values, as well as their ability to party till 3am and make a mean mohito cocktail.’
  • Did they play a special part during your pregnancy?

Draw on a few stories and anecdotes that portray how easy and obvious this choice was for you.

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Add some humour

Your speech should be sprinkled with humour. Every 30 seconds of content needs an opportunity for your guests to laugh.

Sure, the chosen Godparents may be full of love and kindness, but what about their little quirks that may have an impact on your child.

Is one of them known for playing pranks? Will another make it their aim to persuade your child to support your football team’s rival? Not only will these little jokes make the room feel at ease, but it will also reassure the Godparents that you are completely trusting of them with your child.

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Finish with a nod to the future

Wrap up your speech with a few final words of appreciation and any hopes and dreams you may have for your child.

Be it any career goals, personality traits, or simply the fact you hope you hope they don’t inherit your partner’s loud chewing, the room will admire your optimism towards your child’s future.

Of course, remember to remind everyone that the terms and conditions of being a godparent means they should offer at least 50 hours of babysitting a year.


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