Heidi Ellert-McDermott’s tips

I’ve only got hitched once but after writing hundreds of wedding speeches it’s fair to say I’m a bit of a wedding speech veteran. Serious advice is speckled throughout the Speechy site but here’s ten random nuggets to get you chewing on.

  1. Byron is surprisingly unquotable in wedding speeches
  2. Film quotes are good (everyone remembers them)
  3. Song lyrics don’t often translate
  4. Exploit the fact people (generally) think children are cute. Involve the little lunatics in the speeches if you can – maybe reading out a short poem
  5. Get a trusted friend to carry a spare copy of your speech (even if you think you’ve memorised it)
  6. Don’t bother with the ‘ladies and gentleman’ bit
  7. Have a MC to intro the speakers
  8. Ask your guests to add their marriage advice in the RSVP and read out the funniest as part of your speech. One of ours included the classic ‘no number twos in front of each other’ (advice we abide by to this day).
  9. Try to have a woman in your line up
  10. Dot your speeches between courses to avoid the wedding-speech-clump
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