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How To Write Your Wedding Website

How To Write Your Wedding Website

These days, no one keeps track of little pieces of paper. Even when they have fancy lettering embossed on them.

Like all things this decade, the wedding world lives online. Wedding websites are all the rage.

Here’s how to nail the ‘About Us’ section on yours…


The ‘About Us’ section is a snapshot of you as a couple, not your autobiography.

Where you met, the first date, when you moved in together, how the proposal went; it can all go into the wedding speech. Remember, this is just a trailer; teasing the guests and hinting at how much fun the wedding with be.

Imagine you’re an advertising exec (wear hipster jeans and play on the footie table if you have to). Make your story snappy and sexy. 200 words or less.

Resist the urge to go formal – easy-going, relatable language is what you’re after.

Yes, give your partner’s long-lost auntie and that globe trotter friend you once went backpacking with, a vivid picture of your relationship – but only using titbits.

Often, it’s the quirky little stuff that really tells the story. Rather than anecdotes, concentrate on insights.

For example, instead of ‘we have the same sense of humour’, try ‘we both crack up at Beluga whales’ faces’.


You need to agree whether to write about yourselves in the third or first person.

The third person can feel a bit cringey if you’re overly romantic (we all know it’s you who’s written it!) so only use this if you can add some humour.

A great way to do this is to send yourselves up, for example ‘When Janina first met David, she couldn’t help noticing his gorgeous brown eyes, his kind-hearted nature and his really rather weird, child-like enthusiasm for Star Wars.’ 

If you decide to write it in the first person, obviously you each need to author a section. Rather than both recount the same chronology of your relationship, maybe, simply list what you both like about each other, or explain why you want to get married to your partner.

Again, not too much mush at this stage! Instead, hint at having to marry one another because no one else would put up with the weirdness.


There’s really no rules here and you can’t cover it all but here’s some areas you might consider mentioning…

The Meet Cute – where/when/how did it all begin?

‘We met when we were young, drunk and obsessed with Vampire Weekend. Now, we’re older, drink avocado smoothies and like Radio 4.’

Personality Traits – one introvert + one show pony = great dinner party hosts.

‘Tom’s a professional gym bunny, selfie-hunter who’s never without a cocktail. Austin is an intellectual, history lover who genuinely loves discussing WW1. Together, they are a match made in Hoxten’.

The Proposal – really only useful if it went slightly wrong!

‘You’re invited to this wedding because Jaya surprised Zane by proposing. She was crying before the starters came out and didn’t actually pop the question till after the pudding, so it made for an interesting night.

The waiting staff were reassured table 16 were in fact a young couple in love, rather than a gaslighting boyfriend passive aggressively abusing his girlfriend over tapas.’

Future Plans – what’s the next stage for you two? Feel free to keep it irreverent.

‘Grace dreams of growing old together with Anthony, listening to classical music, meditating in the garden and cooking big portions of vegan stew together.

Anthony hopes Grace remains exactly the way she is; generally drunk, really quite loud and the perfect partner in crime to keep him company on the old folks home.’

First Date – romcom-worthy or the kind of stuff that ends up as a Bored Panda meme?

‘Like any traditional love story, he met her online and quickly started wooing her down The Bedford Arms. Like Cinderella, she almost lost a shoe on the sticky carpet, but he saved the day by making her laugh with his impressive lawnmower dance moves. Yes, she had had a cocktail or two.’


Here’s a couple of ideas for giving your guests a cheeky glimpse of your journey so far:


‘Scott and Sophie’s eyes met over a slightly sticky Wetherspoons bar. It was Manchester Uni Fresher’s Week. She was haggling overusing her 10% student discount on a packet of crisps. He just wanted a pint and for the barman to stop ignoring him.

Scott later admitted he was ‘a bit scared’ of Soph at first but thought she ‘seemed cool’.

After bonding over their mutual aversion to 9am lectures and love of Star Trek, they agreed to go on a proper date. Both were skint so they opted for a picnic at Vimto Park and went two’s-up on a Tesco Finest Meal Deal.

Four degrees, six years, and one Original Series box set later, Tom proposed at Durdle Door with awesome views of the Jurassic Coast. Yes, he did the tying his shoelace thing but, resisting the urge to say ‘Beam me up Scotty’, Sophie realised resistance is futile and said yes!

We are excited about starting this new mission together and can’t wait to celebrate with all of our favourite homo sapiens. Live long and prosper.’

If a theme doesn’t naturally jump out at you, don’t construct one for the sake of it. Something relaxed and authentic is equally as wholesome, and an opportunity to tell your unique story. Something like:


‘The stars aligned for Toby and Nick when they noticed they both had ‘love labradoodles, Taylor Swift, and cuddles’ in their Grindr bio.

Their first date was a happy blur of overpriced spaghetti, childish laughter and back home for a spin of Tay Tay’s Fearless album on Toby’s beloved turntables.

Four years, countless gigs and one spoilt fur baby later, Nick decided it was high time he made an honest man out of Toby and got down on one knee. Toby insists he had something in his eye at the time and wasn’t crying.

We are so looking forward to celebrating our Love Story with all our favourite people. Here’s to a lifetime of cuddles!

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