Last minute wedding speech

Oh dear. Schoolboy error. You’ve got a last minute wedding speech on your hands.

Don’t worry, a lot of people do the same. That’s why the Speechy team have designed a bespoke speech package just for you. It’s a bit like our normal packages (brilliant, witty, completely original, totally splendid etc etc) only you do slightly less work and we do a whole lot more.

As ex BBC TV scriptwriters we’re used to a lack of sleep, surviving on coffee and debating the merits of a word at 2am. We’re experienced at finding a story even when there appears to be nothing much to say. We can find the romance, humour and poignancy where most people find a gleaming sheet of blank paper.

Find out more about our 48 hour bespoke speech package or, if that’s out of your price bracket, check out our uber-templates. There’s one designed for each of the wedding speaker roles and they guarantee a speech that rocks without you having to stress or do very much.

So don’t panic. Your wedding speech can still be brilliant; the fact it’s last minute only means it’s got an extra shot of adrenaline.

How Speechy Can Help You...

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