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Love Island returns to our screens this month and far be it from Speechy to resist indulging in some binge-worthy telly, especially when the premise is finding true love*.

As wedding wordsmiths, we’re mad about romance. Well, the genuine sort at least.

We thought we’d take a look at some quotes from contestants whose love lasted longer than a bottle of Factor 50, and remind ourselves of some of our favourite couples.

(*building a multi-million-pound influencer career is clearly a purely incidental side-effect…)

Jamie and Camilla

A humanitarian-come-beauty queen sashays into a swanky Spanish villa looking for everlasting love. Enter a Calvin Klein underwear model stage right. Just us or did the temperature just rise a little?

Fast forward 4 years and countless publicity deals and Season 3 runners up Jamie and Camilla are going strong. In fact, they’re proud parents to baby Nell and engaged to be married.

Jamie’s love declaration was a belter:

“There are so many reasons writing something like this is so hard, yet when you come to my mind it’s so easy to think of all the amazing ways in which to describe you.”

Something tells us his Groom Speech will be something special. Watch this space.

Alex and Olivia

Finishing as runners up seems to bode well long term for Love Islanders. Season 2 awarded second place to scaffolder Alex and self-proclaimed ‘pen seller’ Olivia, who went on to have the first ever Love Island wedding, complete with 8 tier cake and Prosecco van.

The lovebirds hit it off immediately in the villa and got engaged within weeks of the show ending. They now live blissfully with their dogs Reggie and Winne in the dream home Olivia’s mum used to drive her past as a little girl.

Alex reportedly sticks to the promise he made in the villa, to make Olivia tea every morning, and, as inseparable on the outside as they were on the show, the pair spent lockdown watching Ozark on Netflix and ‘quarantine cooking’.

They have each other’s initials tattooed on their wedding fingers and Alex even has Olivia’s face inked on his leg. As he said in his end of series speech:

“We have this crazy connection that I can’t even begin to describe.”

Olivia was as full of praise for him:

“You’ve been the perfect gentleman and have been so patient with me and my many meltdowns.”

Paige and Finn

The Season 6 winners continued their romance off screen, spending lockdown cosied up together in Scotland, where apparently marriage regularly cropped up in conversation.

But it was their parent’s who really nailed the love-quotes on the show.

Finn’s dad channelled Father of the Groom speech energy with:

“I’ve learnt so much about you in five weeks – more than I have in 20 years. Certainly the foot fetish was a big one…”

Paige’s dad likewise warmed up for his Father of the Bride speech with:

“The Ice Queen has melted – a big puddle. It’s a different level – I’ve never seen that before. You look happy.”

Siânnise and Luke T

From Ice Queens to Disney Princesses… the Season 6 runners up are living out their happy ever after in their luxury West London apartment with their puppy Nala (definitely detecting a fur baby theme here).

The Darlington footballer and Bristolian beauty consultant looked lush together from the outset, pulling off perfectly choreographed dances and rearing a content ‘baby’ in the parenting challenge.

Siânnise is a walking wedding speech waiting to happen with her amusing anecdotes. We particularly liked it when she announced:

“I’m gonna act really cool on this date”, before going on to royally Fudge her words.

And Luke is already full of groom speech fodder, declaring his love quite spectacularly:

“When I look at you I just feel at peace. It’s just comfort, happiness, just ease. When I’m with you I feel at home and that’s how I know.

Priscilla and Mike

This stylish pair may not have made it to the final but their relationship has blossomed since leaving the plush Cape Town villa.

It wasn’t the smoothest of rides for this model couple – no, really, they’re both models – but they overcame more re-couplings than a steam train and came out on top –literally in Mike’s case, ahem, in the Hideaway.

We respect Priscilla’s ease at letting her partner enjoy the limelight. She commented:

“I can just sit back and relax because Mike is going to give all the entertainment” – a Bride Speech opener if ever we heard one. Of course, moments after saying this she was treated to a racy dance routine complete with whipped cream and hip gyrations. That’s the honeymoon sorted.

Mike wasn’t the most poetic Islander, but there’s something to be said for his simple love statement:

“You basically just integrated into my life and vice versa.” Short and to the point, fair enough. Like that famous Islander catchphrase, it is what it is.

Unfortunately, rumours abound this week that Mike and Priscilla have split after mutually unfollowing one another on Instagram, but who knows? Oh, the drama!

Lucie and Luke M

This catalogue-cute couple were unlucky in love on their separate Love Island journeys (they were on different series so never met on screen), but paired up after Lucie ‘slid into Luke’s DMs’ during lockdown.

The Cornish ‘Surfer Barbie’ and Justin Bieber lookalike have spent the past year jet-skiing, go-karting and travelling in a campervan, and recently became parents to a dog called Bunny. Honestly, if you don’t have joint custody of a puppy at this point, are you even dating?

We’re pleased mermaid-haired Lucie finally got her surfer dude, but it was Luke M’s bromance with namesake and Season 6 co-star Luke T that was a proper Island love story. He reportedly wouldn’t leave his bff’s side once they were out of the villa,  with Siânnise posting on social media, days after the show:

“Someone come collect him please.”

Best Man material for that bound-to-be-Disney wedding…?

Tommy and Molly-Mae

Of course we have to pay tribute to the enduring devotion of ultimate Love Island power couple Molly-Mae and Tommy who found love in the Mediterranean heat of Season 5 and remained joined at the hip long after they were crowned runners up.

The boxer’s head was turned early on by the cute as a button media influencer, but the pair had their fair share of villa drama – more triangles than a Toblerone, those two – but they were also genuinely sweet together, winning the ‘Sexy Charades’ challenge and the Couples Quiz.

Tommy made a personality out of blurting out slightly ‘off’ maxims, charming housemates and the audience alike. We enjoyed his wise words on romance:

“Life is a test and love is the prize.” Not sure we can argue with that one.

We’re happy to report that Tommy and Molly-Mae’s love appears to grow almost as fast as their social media following.

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