Mother Of The Bride Speech Videos

Traditionally, a mother of the bride speech happens when mothers step in for the father of the bride, but increasingly mums worldwide are simply being given the spotlight they (rightly) deserve.

Here are five of the best mother of the bride speech videos we’ve hunted down, along with our advice on making your speech even better. 

The Roast

It’s not just the best man who gets to exercise his comedic chops. This mother starts her speech as she means to go on, warning the wedding party ‘it’s more of a roast than a toast’.

She sets the tone immediately, before rolling off funny stories about her daughter growing up. It’s very funny and thanks to easing us in with all the laughs, packs a surprising emotional punch at the end.

Sure, the mother is helped with delivery as good as most stand-ups. But this needn’t be intimidating. We can have you delivering your speech just as well with a bit of help from our all-new delivery coaching service.

The Prop

Now, props aren’t necessarily encouraged by us at Speechy. They often slow down the speech and can be a little awkward. However, this is a perfect example of how to use one.

Notice how the bride never pauses to let the groom open the prop – in this case, a printed copy of a letter her daughter wrote in her childhood. Instead, she ploughs on delivering joke after joke and a great story about her daughter always wanting to marry a cowboy.

By the time the speech finishes, the gift is opened, and everyone knows what it is. There’s no pause as everyone works it out. She turns the prop into a story.

And it’s a great story! Emotional and funny. Plus, on a separate note, how great is it to see a groom in a cowboy hat. More of that, please!

The Single Story

Mother of the bride speeches seem to be more popular in America, but Brits can do them too. Whereas the two above incorporate several stories into their speech, this mother only uses one – a funny story about how the bride initially stood the groom up when they first met.

It’s personal, it’s funny, and it’s quick! In three minutes the mother has set up their relationship, made everyone laugh and sat down, winning the day and allowing everyone to crack on with the most important part of the day (OK, maybe the second most important part) – partying!

How Speechy Can Help You...

The Advice

Mothers don’t just have to hand out zingers about their daughter in their speech. They can also use their years of married experience to give advice to the new couple. 

This speech starts emotionally but then springs the funny advice on us. It’s personal, and everyone in the room gets it. It gives a good perspective on what it’s like to ACTUALLY be married, something these whippersnappers will find out over the years.

The Blink-And-You’ll-Miss-It

Link to The Naughty Speech

And finally, here’s a speech which manages to get the job done in the time it takes to say ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife’.

It’s just a small story, but it’s a funny example of the work – or, in this case, lack of work – mothers put in for their daughter’s big day. This is a culmination of months, sometimes years of planning and she sums it up in 58 seconds.

You perhaps don’t need the, erm, ‘extra flourish’ of an ‘F’ bomb, as she does, but hey – everyone’s having a good time.

So, be funny. Give good advice. And, most importantly, give a good and honest story about you and your daughter’s relationship.

For more tips, mums, worry not! We’ve got you sorted over on our Mothers of the Bride Advice page

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