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As TV trained TV directors & speechwriters, we’ve created the ultimate delivery coaching service to help you present your speech like a pro.

  • We’ve worked with presenters such as Richard Hammond, Sharon Osbourne, David Mitchell, and Dan Snow
  • We know how to get the best out of people and the tricks of the trade to ensure you nail it
  • Our Delivery Coaching Service combines written notes & a rehearsal plan
  • Your Coaching Session will be with Speechy’s TopDog, Heidi Ellert-McDermott

Rest assured, we’re used to working with people in different time zones and will do our best to work around your availability.

How it works

1 - Book In

Contact us ASAP as our Delivery Coaching gets booked up quickly and we cannot guarantee immediate availability. Purchase your ‘Delivery Coaching’ via this page.

2 - Unlock Our Expertise

You’ll immediately be directed to our secret Delivery Coaching page which you’ll have permanent access to. This page has advice which you can put into practice immediately.

3 - Email Us Your Speech

Email your speech to [email protected] so we can get familiar with the content and mark up areas where timing or emphasis should be considered.

4 - Tune In

When it’s time for our face-to-face session, we’ll email you an invite to join us on MSTeams.

5 - One-to-one Online Session

In your session, you’ll be asked to rehearse your speech several times, taking on board our advice and mirroring our presentation style when appropriate. The session will be approximately an hour long.

6 - Rehearsal

After our Coaching Session, we’ll email you bespoke advice so you can continue to perfect your delivery. You’ll already be feeling much more confident about grabbing that wedding mic.

How Delivery Coaching Will Help You...

The aim is to come across as eloquent, confident and conversational. You also want to look like you’re having fun.

Every client we work with has different delivery challenges to overcome (nerves being the only constant) but having watched presenters at work for over a decade, we’ve identified a few key factors in delivering your speech like a pro…

This is the linguistic area concerned with intonation, stress and the rhythm of your speaking. It’s what adds life to your speech. It can change an average sentence into something magical.

As a Scot, If you know you’re prone to a monotone style (and so many people are) we’ll work at reprogramming your brain and experiment with the undulations of your delivery.

If you have a flat style of speaking, pretend you’re telling a story to a toddler. Get expressive. Become playful.


Talking too fast is a big problem. Rushing your delivery makes guests feel uncomfortable and creates a nervous atmosphere for everyone.

Equally, talking too slowly and formally, can make the speaker seem robotic.

So, how do you strike the balance between authority and confidence, and sounding like you’re playing a podcast at half speed? Well, with our help!

It’s a biggie. As well as sounding relaxed, you need to look relaxed. An audience picks up body language cues.

  • Are your shoulders back?
  • Do you look relaxed?
  • Is your chin upwards and your head tilted towards your guests?
  • Are you using your hands?
  • Are you using facial expressions to full effect? Facial expressions can add an extra layer of humour so we’ll work on this
  • Are you smiling? Other than any dearly departeds, we hope you are smiling throughout.

A conversational style includes pauses.

A pause is essential when you expect laughter, and you should never talk over it once it lands. Speakers often move on from the joke too quickly and don’t give their audience a chance to react.

So, we’ll practise your pauses.

After each thank you, take a second to make eye contact and nod your head towards the person you’re addressing. After delivering a romantic line, take the time to look at your partner and smile. These moments can feel just as meaningful as the words themselves.

Eye contact increases trust and connection, so we’ll rehearse this too. We’ll imagine who you’re specifically addressing throughout the speech.

Crucially, look at your partner when you’re talking to them.  Allow this moment to breathe for added effect.

We’re rated ‘Excellent' on Trustpilot for a reason...

All I can say is that I was able to deliver - and then some. Every joke landed and the slightly risky audience participation elements went down a storm. I could not have asked for a better outcome.
Delivery coaching was 5*. It wasn't just obvious stuff, I really learnt a lot about how to give a funny speech and we were able to make some adjustments on the fly based on what worked in the speech when it was being delivered and what didn't.
My Delivery session was so helpful, so much crammed into an hour and then further support afterwards with notes and some minor amends. Heidi knocked it out the park again, having helped with my groom’s speech last year.
Speechy are wedding speech experts and have received many positive reviews

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