Remote Bespoke


Our Remote Bespoke Service is the online, ‘remote’ version of our Bespoke Speech Service.

You still get the same elite writers working on your speech but all communication is via email (rather than us getting to know ‘your voice’ on calls or zooms) and there’s just one set of amendments (which we hope you won’t need anyway!).

Rest assured, the Speechy team is rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot and you can rely on us to create an amazing wedding speech – we just won’t be able to discuss ideas in advance of writing the first draft or give your speech any additional fiddles if the first edit has already been done (even if the circumstances of the wedding change).

So, yes, there’s less hand-holding and collaboration than the Bespoke Service but that’s why this service is priced accordingly. And, good news, with our Remote Bespoke Service, we still offer a DELIGHT GUARANTEE!