Wedding Speech Cue Cards and Notes

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Once we’ve worked our magic writing with our clients, we’re often asked if using notes and cue cards is okay on the day. Of course, do what you’re comfortable with, but the Speechy team suggests you DO. Great delivery is equally as important as a great speech. The last thing you want is to lose […]

The Bride’s Guide to Wedding Speeches

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Brides often think the speeches are beyond their control. Insert finger shaking GIF of choice. Yes, despite popular belief (myths created by menfolk long, long ago), us girls do have a say in the speeches. Even if you opt not to give a speech yourself, you can still say a big fat NO to your wedding […]

Bride Speech Videos

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To help you write the perfect bride speech, here are some of our favourite bride speech videos. As you can see, there’s no reason a bride speech can’t be as funny as the best man’s or as moving as the father of the bride’s. We’ve seen some hilarious bride speeches which can steal the show […]

Mature Bride Speech

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Some of us find the love of our life later in life. We might spend decades building kick-ass careers and fulfilling friendships rather than dwell on finding ‘the one’. Sometimes first or subsequent marriages don’t work out, but hopeless romantics get back on the horse and go in for another round of wedding bells. This […]

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