Wedding Speech Cue Cards and Notes

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Once we’ve worked our magic writing with our clients, we’re often asked if using notes and cue cards is okay on the day. Of course, do what you’re comfortable with, but the Speechy team suggests you DO. Great delivery is equally as important as a great speech. The last thing you want is to lose […]

South Asian Groom Speech

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The last few decades have seen wedding speeches at South Asian weddings rapidly evolve. What used to simply be a roll call of thank yous is now often a highlight of the event when done well. However, with the groom’s speech generally left until the very end, it’s often the trickiest speech to deliver. It […]


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We’re clearly suckers for romance here at Speechy. We’d soon get sick of our job if we didn’t appreciate a good love-bomb being dropped now and then. But we’re also firm believers in couples doing things their own way instead of buying into Clintons Cards and clichés. Here’s how you can celebrate Valentine’s your way (and why a V-Day proposal is not the one)…

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