It's Time to Talk

With so much bad news & alarming statistics consuming our lives at the moment, we think it’s time to start telling stories.

With our loved ones locked down and lonely, let’s use this opportunity to talk. And not just about the latest Government briefing.

As the nightly phone calls get tougher, we’ve created a little conversation-motivation…Ideal for any adult, teenager or child over 7 to take on.

Use your evening call a bit more productively and…

  • Create a happy hour within the madness
  • Do something that our usual life doesn’t normally allow us to do
  • Get to know our loved ones a bit better…

As seen on BBC Gloucestershire’s Talking Tales video. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT IN ACTION! 



How Does It Work

Well, you decide really but here’s what we suggest…

  1. Download our three Talking Tales questionnaires. They’re free (and always will be) because we think families could do with them right now.
  2. Each one has a theme with questions to inspire great conversation.
  3. They’re designed to help you find out more about your loved one (the naughty stuff as well as the profound) and leave you thankful you bothered to ask.
  4. As you use the questionnaire, make sure you take notes so you can create a lasting memory. You can do this digitally and save as you go, or if it’s a child leading the conversation, print the questionnaires for ease.
  5. Either keep the questionnaires as a record of your conversations or take it one step further and use the material you’ve gathered to write a story – maybe a mini-biography of your loved one or perhaps a bit of poetry inspired by an anecdote? Anything that deserves to go down a generation or two!
  6. Not a natural ‘writer’? Use our expert story writing tips below to inspire you. We’ll let you in on a secret, it’s not rocket science and you might just find yourself enjoying it. It certainly beats watching the news.


We want as many people as possible to benefit from Talking Tales. That’s why they’re FREE.

You can download the questionnaires on your laptop or phone, but best to use the laptop when you’re filling them in!

Download using the links below

Talking Tales Part 1 – Early Years

Talking Tales Part 2 – Work, Life, You

Talking Tales Part 3 – Love & Family


We hope the questionnaires keep you and your loved one amused for a few weeks but once you’ve filled them in, how about making the most of them?

Whether it’s an adult, teenager or child who has filled in the questionnaires, you can all get involved in turning the content into something even more valuable.

While you can simply encourage a child to ‘write a short story’ based on your loved one’s stories, us adults may need a bit more direction, so check out our expert wordsmith’s advice on how to turn your Talking Tales into a proper story.

One that deserves to go down the generations!

The Speechy Team

Just so you know a bit about us…

Speechy is a team of speechwriters, with a background scriptwriting at the BBC and working with the UK’s top TV talent.

Between us, we’ve written for much-loved comedy programmes such as Have I Got News For You and Dead Ringers, worked with numerous celebs and one of us has even won a BAFTA!

Feel free to follow us on social media for more ideas on how to connect through the power of stories at this strange and difficult time.

Of course, we’d love to hear if you’ve found Talking Tales helpful, read any of your stories or see any children in action. Email us at hello@speechy.co.uk and stay well.

Meet the Speechy Team
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