Best Men Podcast with Jason Manford & Steve Edge

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The Best Men podcast, hosted by Jason Manford and Steve Edge, featured an episode dedicated to the art of delivering unforgettable best man speeches. They were joined by Speechy’s founder, our very own Heidi Ellert-McDermott, who shared all our favourite speechwriting tips & techniques.

Write A Funny Wedding Speech

funny wedding speeches - hire a speech writer

All wedding speeches should be funny. They can be sentimental and heartfelt but they’ve got to be funny too.

Of course, writing a witty, humorous speech isn’t about googling gags (bet you’ve already seen some stinkers). It’s actually about looking at the characters sitting at the Top Table and having a laugh with their unique ‘qualities’.

Wedding Vow Writer

wedding speeches vow help speech writer

At Speechy, we understand that writing wedding vows can be a daunting task. With emotions running high and the pressure to express your deepest feelings, finding the right words can feel like an overwhelming challenge. That’s where our dedicated team of talented writers comes in.

Speeches And The Dearly Departed

wedding speech remembering loved ones who have died and the dearly departed

It’s difficult to write a wedding speech remembering loved ones, let alone deliver it. The wordsmith experts at Speechy are here to help you.

Daughter of the Bride Speech

Model bride at a fake wedding

Your mum’s found love later in life – or finally got round to marrying your dad! – and she’s asked her favourite (only?) daughter to say a few words.
Whether you’re visiting this page as a daughter wanting to know where to start on her speech, or as an older bride wondering how to involve your amazing daughter in your big day, we reckon we can inspire you…

How To Start A Best Man’s Speech

best man laughing

You’ve survived the stag do and you’ve managed to fit in the suit, but have you worked out the perfect way to start a best man’s speech and get everyone onside from the get-go? Here’s how to nail that opening icebreaker.

Engagement Speech – Celebrate The Moment!

wedding speeches engagement advice help write a speech

If grinning into your Prosecco while basking in congratulations doesn’t feel ceremonious enough to mark your engagement, consider saying a few words to make this a truly memorable moment. Yes, engagement party speeches are officially a thing. Here’s Speechy’s guide to nailing it…

Father of the Bride Jokes – Giggles Not Groans

father of the bride speech - love & laughter

It’s relatively easy to talk about someone you love, but how exactly do you add humour and wit to a speech without resorting to the usual dad-jokes, googled gags and wedding puns?

Well, how about starting with a team of comedy writers and learning how we add humour to wedding speeches?

What To Say In A Best Man’s Speech

Audience laughing at best man speech

You’ve climbed the greasy pole and been awarded the highest honour a grown-up (ish) friendship has to bestow – Best Man status. But before you start writing your speech, make sure you know what it needs to contain…

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