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Wedding planning and the day itself have changed significantly since the pre-Covid days of 2019.

We were optimistic that 2022 would bring more certainty and, although the Omicron omicron variant didn’t help matters, we’re remaining hopeful that the only tiers we’ll be fretting over this year will be covered in marzipan.

And with weddings changing and people’s attitudes to celebrations evolving, here’s what we reckon wedding speeches will look like in 2022…

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The old wedding rules have relaxed over the pandemic. Speeches no longer need to be clumped together between the pan-fried chicken and the sticky toffee pudding.

Smaller gatherings and dialed-down entertainment set a precedent for more relaxed, informal toasts, so consider spreading them throughout the day, or throughout the wedding breakfast rather than scheduling them as one big ‘speech clump’.

Many cool couples are opting for ‘spontaneous speeches’; a concept stolen from Scandinavia where all your guests are invited to say a few words over dinner.

Going for a casual speech style sets the tone for a ‘go with the flow’ celebration. Don’t imagine the speeches as a formality to get out of the way – instead, see them as the entertainment.


Bride and Groom Speech

Nothing says 2022 wedding like a joint speech does. BOOM! We’re a team.

Joint speeches can be a comfort for nervous speakers who feel happier having some back up. They’re also great for couples who are naturally silly together.

And if the two of you are chalk and cheese, this works even better for that classic comedy dynamic – the comedian and the stooge.  Perhaps you tend to ‘embellish’ stories to make them more entertaining – your more level-headed partner can bring the story back down to earth with a deadpan punchline of how it really happened.

The important thing here is not to take yourselves too seriously – there’s nothing more attractive than a couple relaxed enough to send one another up. Don’t forget the cute stuff though – make guests giggle their socks off, then hit them with a love bomb right at the end.

FIRE UP THE FUNNYWedding speech laughter

Highbrow, slapstick, observational, dark, whatever… People NEED a laugh this year.

With all the uncertainty, angst and grief that 2020 & 2021 brought, everyone could do with a pick me up. Witnessing a much-loved couple say ‘I do’ is a wholesome start. Now go all in for the dopamine hit with life-affirming, belly laugh-inducing speeches.

Easy for you to say, you murmur, while scratching your head with a stress-chewed pencil. Well, true, but there’s actually no big secret to creating authentic humour. There’s a world of time-worn gags to be found on the internet, but most are cheesy, impersonal, and actually not very funny.

What really makes people tick is identifying the unique characters – that’s you and your partner – behind your anecdotes.

Entertain your guests with ironic facts about one another – the English professor with the ‘guilty pleasure’ shelf of Jilly Cooper novels, or the chef who discovered a penchant for Domino’s pizza over the last year. Whatever makes your other half quirky and loveable is the stuff guests need to hear.


wedding speech trends Okay, so the vibe is more casual this year but, that said, by encouraging a ‘relaxed’ speech what we mean is a carefully crafted masterpiece practiced to within an inch of its life, but delivered in a chilled out way!

And for that, you need notes!

Why not totally off the cuff? Because speaking from the heart is important, but when you have a sea of expectant faces staring back at you, it’s easy to draw a blank.

Sure, we advise drafting, editing, and rehearsing your speech well ahead of the day, (as Mark Twain said, ‘it usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech’. For us mere mortals, we’d suggest six), but you STILL need notes.

In regards to what type of notes you use on the day, more people are using tech (tablets or mobiles).

We still prefer traditional paper notes but appreciate we’re old-school like that. If you want to use a device, go for a tablet rather than a mobile. A phone involves too much scrolling and looks overly casual.

YOUR PERSONAL GHOSTWRITERSbespoke speech writerGhostwriters are no longer the reserve of celebs and politicians. Wedding speech writers are officially ‘a thing’ and more and more people are working with writers like us.

Bespoke speeches are key to achieving the uniqueness every wedding strives for. Speechy helps hundreds of people around the world write and deliver amazing wedding speeches that capture the newlyweds’ true characters.

We know how to hone a speech to bring out the very best of you, creating a memorable moment that will stay with guests long after the wedding favours have been munched.

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Grove House, London

A 2022 wedding needs a woman as part of the speech line-up.

Maybe the bride (if the wedding has one?), maybe the groom’s mum or the bride’s sister. Whoever you think would give good mic.

We’re finding mothers of the bride and groom are increasingly being asked to speak – and the ones we work with seem to love it (the guests too!).

Of course, it’s not just the mums who can shake up the speeches, it’s really any of your friends and family who you want to hear from on the day. or who you think could add a bit of heartfelt sentiment or comedy to the day.

A gran giving her marriage tips, or your nine-year-old nephew giving his secrets to maintaining a long-lasting relationship!

Think beyond the usual three-man lineup of speakers.


groom speech

Following the pandemic, we’ve noticed that couples are generally more comfortable getting a bit more romantic and profound than they used to. Esp the Brits.

While we believe that all wedding speeches should be heavy on the humour and lighter on the sweetness, this year allows you to bend that rule.

If the last couple of years has made you appreciate your loved ones even more, then let them know. A great way to do that without being cheesy is using the words of people wittier and wiser than yourself! We’ve curated some of the best wedding quotes to use in your speech including a selection for the groom and bride.

It’s true that people won’t remember what you said, they’ll remember how you made them feel. Unless you say something really dodgy about them – they probably will remember that.


Gay weddingPerhaps you went ahead with your original date last year and are now planning more of a big bash vibe. Finally seeing those extra guests who missed out on the official ceremony certainly calls for a speech – it’s a great way to reconnect with everyone.

Build on your original content but go for a change in tone. Sure, show your guests how loved up you are, but remember this is the party speech – now is definitely a time for making them LOL. Cut back on the thank yous and go straight to the funny stuff.

Describe your wedded bliss under lockdown so far, being as irreverent as you like. Say you’ve come to terms with the fact you could never go through with that ‘couples start up’ fantasy – not after seeing the horror show that is your partner’s madly disorganised ‘home office’. But an unexpected perk has been receiving a daily ‘made with love’ cheese toastie for lunch in place of what’s normally on offer in the grotty work canteen.


Of course, we have to prepare for the eventuality that we may have to wait a little longer for those big gatherings. If you go ahead with a small crowd, consider broadcasting your speech via Zoom to the many guests who are unable to attend in person. Invite them to wear fancy clothes for the occasion – at least from the waist up!

Obviously, remember to mute everyone – no one needs 100 hecklers coming at them from a MacBook while delivering their speech. Though this of course means you won’t get to hear the well-earned laughter either – that little clapping emoji isn’t quite the same. Unmute everyone at the end so they can show their appreciation.

Alternatively, if going live feels too nerve-wracking or complicated. Simply record the speeches and host a Facebook watch party after the event. Then you can enjoy watching your speech back with a couple of proseccos without worrying you’ll forget your lines or slur your words.

HOW SPEECHY CAN HELPSpeechy teamBetween us, we’ve decades of experience in the entertainment biz. Weddings aren’t all that different – people are just after a bit of escapism from the humdrum of normal life. If you require any help with writing or delivering your speech, we’re here for you.

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