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Greetings and welcome

Well, hello everyone, I’m Alan, Sarah’s proud (and occasionally exasperated) father. As a retired geneticist, I’m used to dealing with complex codes, but unexpectedly, nothing prepared me for the enigma that is the father-of-the-bride speech. So, I’ve DNA-mapped my way through the history of our Sarah, with a bit of artistic licencing thrown in for good measure. But before I undertake this chromosome-cracking task, let me warmly welcome each and every one of you to this at-long-last matrimonial blending of genes and love, happening tomorrow here at the beautifully historic Bath Spa Roman Baths.

Tribute to the person getting married

Now, let’s not forget let me start with one of my favourite Sarah stories. To paint a picture, Sarah was once asked by her school teacher to write in her log book about her day. She noted with great precision that, “Daddy went abroad with his colleague Marina and when he returned, he said she lost her knickers on the plane.” A line that could easily spark a scandal, right? The missing detail, however, was that Marina was old enough to be my mother, and it was her luggage that had gone missing, not her undergarments!

Yes, it’s fair to say that Sarah always liked to tell a good story and she has a remarkable one herself.

From a nurse to an optometrist, to a scientist who soon realized the lab wasn’t for her. In the end, it was in the world of HR where you found your niche. Maybe it was your talent for solving human puzzles that got you there.

One of the best memories I have of you growing up was when we went camping. I like to think that your love for adventures started then. I mean, who else inter-rails across Europe, climbs Kilimanjaro, and camps at Everest Base Camp for fun? And let’s not forget your meteoric rise in the art world, with numerous masterpieces adorning our humble walls.

Sarah, my funny and inventive girl. As a child, you were, let’s see what the scientific term is? Ah, yes – a “force of nature”. You loved to create and perform complex imaginary scenarios, much to our amusement and often bafflement. Perhaps your fondness for jigsaws and puzzles was an early sign, a prediction maybe, of the intriguing career path you wove for yourself.

Tribute to the person getting married

Sarah found her perfect counterpart in Mike. As a Lottery-funded project manager and environmentalist, Mike matched Sarah’s thirst for challenge and achievement with his own brand of orderly gusto. I remember when Sarah’s friend Jo set them up on their first date. Who knew Jo was that good of a matchmaker?

Mike, you are an embodiment of patience and great DIY skills. You manage to complement Sarah’s…unparalleled tidying habits. And let’s not forget your flair for gardening, civil war re-enactments, and long, amiable walks with your mates. Truly, you are one of a kind and Sarah is lucky to have you. To Mike, I’ve just got this piece of fatherly wisdom to impart: invest in a large, high-capacity patent pending ‘Sarah Stuff’ storage system!

Tributes to others, and the dearly departed

I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to my wife, Hilary, who played such a pivotal role in supporting Sarah’s school work (and cleaning up after her zany adventures, no doubt). Mike’s sisters, brothers, his mum and in-laws, thank you for making Sarah part of your family. Also, a special shout-out to all the guests, whose journey, both near and far, have added to the joy of this occasion.

Romantic conclusion & toast

Sarah, my funny, determined, adventure-loving, and somewhat untidy girl, I am so, so proud of all that you’ve become. From climbing the highest peaks to navigating the most perplexing of puzzles, from landing that First-Class Honours Degree in genetics which apparently was a hidden talent, to making a career in HR.

You brought laughter and light into our lives, and an awful lot of mess. Now, as I look forward to seeing you make that special walk down the aisle in your fabulous 50s style wedding dress, I am filled with tremendous joy and pride. Tomorrow, Today as you and Mike exchange your vows amid the echoes of the ancient Roman Baths, remember this – marriage is an adventurous terrain, filled with peaks and valleys, but as long as you keep your wit and spirit (and maybe a little tidiness), you will always find your way.

Could everyone please now raise their glasses to Sarah and Mike – May your journey together be as exciting, fulfilling, and loving as the ones you’ve individually taken to get here.

To Sarah and Mike.

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