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Work with SpeechyAI® and discover how easy and rewarding writing a great wedding speech can be!

SpeechyAI utilises the power of Artificial Intelligence and the Speechy team’s expertise to create wedding speeches that are funny, meaningful, and memorable.

No need to google gags, research wedding etiquette, or worry about your wordcount. SpeechyAI is ultra smart and is here to make the speechwriting process a fun one.

We’re so confident in SpeechyAI’s ability, it comes with a DELIGHT GUARANTEE.  Check out a completely independent review from Mark, the groom.

SpeechyAI Examples

You won’t fully comprehend what SpeechyAI can do or believe how good it is until you see the results – so check out some examples of the toasts & speeches it’s already produced! SpeechyAI has been trained to produce a speech that’s both sweet and humorous (as all great speeches should be!). The balance of humour and sentiment will depend on your inputs.

Reasons to Use SpeechyAI

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How it works

1. Purchase

Purchase online using your preferred payment type. Your payment comes with a quality guarantee.

2. Tell us what sort of speech you want

What’s your role at the wedding? Are you speaking as a newlywed, in a parental role or as a friend?

3. Answer 40-50 questions

To create a great speech, you have to put a bit of effort in. You’ll need to spend about 45mins to an hour answering the questions but don’t worry, you’ll know all the answers! And, of course, you don’t need to do it in one sitting.

4. Get your speech

Once you’ve submitted your responses, SpeechyAI will take about three minutes to create your speech.

5. Edit your speech

We’re confident you’ll be amazed by the speech that SpeechyAI produces, but it may have a couple of quirks you’ll need to iron out. Ask SpeechyAI to edit anything you don’t love by telling it what still needs work, or simply edit it yourself!

6. Your final speech emailed

You’ll be able to access and edit your speech for as long as you want before you decide to download it. When you’re happy, the speech will be emailed to you as a word doc.
AI Wedding Speech Generator


What is SpeechyAI?

SpeechyAI is not a real person. They are trained by the Speechy team and powered by ChatGPT-4, an artificial-intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022.

We have given SpeechyAI a unique set of instructions based on our expertise in wedding speech writing.  We have checked the speeches written and kept optimising the instructions until we have created the best wedding speech writing tool. There is also unique AI-powered editing functionality  Furthermore, we use GPT-4: the latest AI and not available for free.

Generally, the speeches are between 700 and 1000 words and will depend on the content you give it. The maximum it will ever create is 1,300 words ensuring you will always be able to deliver your speech within ten minutes (no matter how much you want to say, a speech should never be longer!).

We’re confident that, no, they won’t. We’ve tested SpeechyAI and created 100s of speeches. Each speech is distinctive and is based on the individual responses supplied.

SpeechyAI and any artificial intelligence writing tool are not without their quirks. It can occasionally misinterpret information or get slightly carried away with its creative licence. However, we have included edit functionality so you can easily remove any quirks.

Yes, once SpeechyAI has generated your speech, you are given the opportunity to edit sections throughout. You can either ask SpeechyAI to regenerate content and help you further, or you can simply manually edit the material yourself.

We understand that you may not want anyone else to know you used SpeechyAI and appreciate clients often reveal deeply personal and private information. We take confidentiality seriously.

The Speechy team do not have access to the material you upload to SpeechyAI. Your speech and the responses you give to the questions are available only to you.

Your data is kept on the Azure cloud and only you can access it via a password. The content you write and produce is not accessible by ChatGPT outside of SpeechyAI.

The Speechy team only collect details such as name, address, contact details, and bank details to process your payment and give you access to SpeechyAI. We need to share this personal data with third parties such as payment providers to process payments. You can read Stripe’s Privacy Policy here and  Paypal’s Privacy Policy here.

The speech generated is owned by you, the user. The instructions used to generate the speech are owned by Speechy.

Once you are happy with your speech, you simply request to ‘download’ it. You will then receive an email with your speech in a Word document that you can continue to add to if you wish. Note: once you have downloaded the speech you will no longer be able to edit it within SpeechyAI.

I’m afraid we cannot give refunds.  We have kept the price as low as we can by avoiding the administration of refunds.

Yes please! We’ll ask you to score the speech on a scale of 1-10 and provide some feedback, and this information is viewed by the Speechy team.

If you want a human member of the team to edit your speech, you will need to email us your speech and your inputs (which you will have been emailed).

Once you’ve delivered your speech you can delete your speech data, which will remove all questions and content for your specific speech from your account.

Yes, I want to work with SpeechyAI now!

We’re rated ‘Excellent' on Trustpilot for a reason...

I am sitting here shocked at the speech SpeechyAI just produced. It is funnier than I could have imagined. Shocked!
Just wow. The first draft had a few lines I edited but I could never have written anything near as good. If you need a great speech SpeechyAI is the way to go
I can’t recommend SpeechyAI highly enough for their exceptional service to helping me write my maid of honour speech. It took my ideas and turned them into a fantastic speech that I could confidently deliver and had everyone entertained and engaged.
Speechy are wedding speech experts and have received many positive reviews

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