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Good evening everyone, for those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Natasha. I am the lifelong friend of our glowing bride. Thea and I have been inseparable since infant school when we bonded over fancy pencils and mutual boy hatred. Due to our continued friendship, I’m now blessed with the honour of standing here today and I dare to say, the pleasure is all mine.

Thanks to Thea’s lateness-for-all-things, I guess this is the first time she’s put me in the spotlight. So, here’s to shifting the focus from the bride for once. Let’s kick off with a gentle introduction to why my friend Thea is pretty amazing, even if she can’t differentiate lemon pith from lemon zest in a recipe.

Tribute to your friend/sibling

I met Thea when we were just wide-eyed five-year-olds. We initially bonded over gymnastics and our marked dislike for boys, who were, at that time, nothing more than a nuisance in the playground. It was Thea’s outgoing nature that drew me to her. She was the more adventurous of us two, always pushing me out of my comfort zone, from our school days to that high-flying paragliding trip she booked when I was at my lowest.

Thea’s love for life is infectious. Despite her stubbornness about always being right and her quirky inability to keep her houseplants alive or respond to messages on time, she has been a vibrant source of joy in my life. She’s a true friend: supportive, caring, always there when you need her even if it means carting me around every time it rains, or I have to provide a secure home for her house keys when another of her sets of keys go on ‘unscheduled vacations’.

Her love for new music, books, and podcasts always keeps us entertained and gives us something to discuss during our many theatre trips, Friday cocktails or double dating escapades. To which, Thea, of course, is always fashionably late. Calling it extreme time-optimism won’t even cut it.

In the unending chapters of life, it’s quite rare to find someone as unique as Thea – a woman who merges the world of tech with an unusual penchant for knitting, of all things. She remains the only person I know who can walk on her hands, knit her own jumpers, and worship every tech fad like a disciple.

Who else do you know that can whip up a mean Dirty Martini, find a 50% off deal on a sparkly sequined dress, and still have time to watch an entire season of her favourite show on Netflix? Only Thea.

Despite her averageness in culinary flair, she’s a total foodie and loves going out to eat.  has an uncanny ability to remember random facts, making her the fabled unicorn of the trivia circuit. On one memorable occasion, our little trivia queen she ate a curry so spicy; we ended up in the hospital, much to the amusement of the hospital staff who advised us to go home and eat yoghurt – the only incident I recall where Thea’s passion for hot curry was met with a chilli reception.

Thea was always the ‘cool kid’: the school captain, the tech geek, the one who fell for the latest trends like they were quicksand. With her fiery red hair and freckles, she stood out in every crowd, becoming the light in any gathering. And God forbid you were feeling down, for she would be the one to suggest the most ridiculous activities to make you forget your sorrows.

Talking about her talents, Thea, the repository of nebulous knowledge, is the queen of pub quizzes. She actually auditioned for ‘The Chase’ once, unfortunately, that dream fell by the wayside after a calamitous encounter with on her e-scooter. Despite her accident-prone nature, she can turn others’ frowns upside down just by brandishing her perpetually out-of-tune guitar after a few beers, belting out an unrecognisable Coldplay song.

Not to forget, Another cause for amusement, Thea’s cooking. She can burn boiled eggs; that’s a feat in itself. But hold on, she can cook… disasters. Who else would bake a lemon pith cheescake? Only our dear Casper, another name I lovingly call her given her knack for returning from beach holidays paler than when she left.

Despite her quirks, or maybe because of them, Thea is obviously a woman who deserves to be loved by someone incredible.

Tribute to your friend’s partner

Enter Paul, a pocket protector short of full-on geek. Yet, like Clark Kent, there is something formidable beneath that sweet face and bespectacled exterior. Paul won the heart of our Casper over DMs and Japanese cuisines and they seem to click in a way that I know has Thea forgetting all about her ongoing pension crisis. Honestly, she’s been worrying about her pension since she was in her teens!

For Paul, a photographer who spends his hours adoring inanimate objects through his lens, meeting Thea must’ve been like discovering colour TV. The shared love for eating out, doing up their house, and travelling makes them less of the typical couple and more of a duo embarking on life’s journey together.

Thea’s and Paul’s relationship has been like a breath of fresh air. They’ve managed to maintain their individual identities without morphing into one of those ‘we’ couples. I never feel like a third wheel with them, and always look forward to spending time with our happy couple.

Suffice to say, I was wholeheartedly relieved to know Thea had found someone forgiving enough to overlook her lethal cooking and chronically unpunctual persona. But it is Paul’s look, every time Thea pulls out her guitar after a few beers that affirms my belief; he’s definitely going to fit in well. And can I just say how lucky he is that Thea has been trying to play the same song since the day they met!

The affectionate conclusion

Thea, no matter how many fads you chase or how many hashtags you follow, you remain a constant in my life, an anchor amidst the stormy sea. I’m thrilled to see you start this new journey with Paul.

But jokes aside, let me express what an honour it is to stand here today. To witness a friend, with whom I started my journey in infant school, embark on a new chapter in life with a man she truly loves makes my heart full.

Both Paul and Thea exemplify the phrase ‘made for each other.’ The tenderness in their eyes, the understanding in their silence and their shared nerdiness has kept me believing in love for all these years. It’s safe to say that Thea’s love for life and her ubiquitous optimism has rubbed off on us all, making us better people.

So, without further ado, I would like to propose a toast. Here’s to Thea and Paul, the kindest, most loving geeks I know. May their life together be filled with love, adventure and an unlimited supply of lemon zest!

Here’s to the newlyweds!

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