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Run by a team of BBC trained producers and scriptwriters, Speechy is helping people around the world deliver better, modern, wittier wedding speeches.

Our speech templates are the most affordable way to exploit our writing skills. They’re cleverly designed to get the best out of you; using your material to create genuine humour and sentiment, rather than the usual generic cliches many templates produce.

It’s no surprise we’re the top-rated wedding speech writing service on Hitched’s Wedding Directory.

Templates for Blokes Templates for Women

Speechy Quality

Speechy is fast becoming a byword for quality speech writing. 

The team are TV scriptwriters by trade; working on programmes such as ‘Mock the Week’ and ‘Dead Ringers’.

We’ve worked with people such as Richard Hammond, Sharon Osbourne, David Mitchell and Mel Giedroyc but also love working with people around the world to help them deliver their dream speech. Find out more about the team if you’re the nosey sort.

If you’d like a bit more hand-holding than our templates can offer, check out our bespoke speech writing service.

Your Speechy Template

Genuine Personalisation

The secret to our template is that it comes with an interactive PDF that asks you lots of questions you wouldn’t think to ask yourself. It helps make your speech properly personal rather than generic and dull.

A Choice of Speech Styles

It’s hard for a template to cater for every taste & circumstance but it’s easier when there’s a choice of three different speech structures. All written by BBC trained scriptwriters and professional wedding speech connoisseurs.

Easy to Use

Once you’ve picked your favourite speech, simply personalise it with the material you’ve gathered in the Content-Creator. You’ll suddenly find you sound like a natural story-teller!

Unique Humour

The Speechy wordsmiths have designed each speech so humour is naturally created as you add your personal material. No sexist assumptions or meaningless gags. Just genuine laughs.

Etiquette & Delivery Advice

Everything from how to pay tribute to the dearly departed, to advice on delivering your speech like a pro. Make sure you know the modern etiquette rules.

Downloadable Immediately

Speechy templates are digital so you can easily craft your speech. Buying from your mobile? Create an account and still have access to your template on your preferred device.

Templates for Blokes

Templates for Women

Now Nail the Delivery

Okay, once you’ve written a great speech, how do you feel about delivering it? As you’ve probably witnessed, humour and sentiment can easily be lost by poor presentation skills.

By signing up to our Delivery Coaching Service, we’ll work with you over Skype to build your presenting persona; adding appropriate emphasis and nailing the timing of your speech.  As ex-TV directors, we know all the tricks of the presenting trade.

After we’ve finished, you’ll actually look forward to picking up that wedding mic. Promise!

Delivery Coaching


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