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Bar Mitzvah Speech

Bar Mitzvah Speech

bar mitzvah

Whether you’re the one who’s finally reached adulthood, or you’re the teary-eyed parent whose son is coming of age, a Bar Mitzvah is the perfect opportunity to honour the first thirteen years of a person’s life.

Regardless of whether they began walking at six months, became the cross-country champion or they have finally managed to eat their vegetables without crying, there isn’t a more intimate way of honouring a child’s transition to adulthood than a five-to-eight-minute speech.

Nevertheless, vocalising your love and admiration for your son, or your family, can be an intimidating task.

Follow Speechy’s expert advice to create a speech you’ll be proud to deliver and add something wonderful to the day.

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How to structure an unforgettable Bar Mitzvah Speech

  • Welcome the guests: Acknowledge those who have come to celebrate this special day.
  • Share some anecdotes from either your childhood or your son’s. What quirks and habits have made him into the man he is today?
  • Thank the family: Pay tribute to those who have helped raise you or your son.
  • Finish with a nod to the future: Look forward to this new, wonderful chapter of you/your sons’ life.

Welcome the guests

[IMAGE]If you’re writing a speech for your son’s Bar Mitzvah, begin by welcoming those who have joined you for this joyous celebration.

Warm up acknowledging the fact you are no longer able to lie about your child’s age in order to purchase discounted theme park tickets. Confess that not only are you ready to part with your child’s youth, but you’re also not ready to part with the prices of a cheap and cheerful Happy Meal.

If you are sharing a few words to commemorate your own Bar Mitzvah, it’s likely you’ll be doing so after your parents. Thank them for your kind words, but don’t forget to remind them that becoming an adult today doesn’t mean they start charging rent tomorrow.

Share some anecdotes

[IMAGE]As a parent of a young man entering the next chapter of their life, you’ll have a vault of memories and have witnessed a development of several personality traits. Reminisce on old stories and habits that will allow the room to recognise the person you’re talking about today.

It goes without saying that, as a proud parent, you’ll want to spend hours gloating about the qualities in your son that you admire the most, but remember, you’re a parent! It’s almost a given that you take each and every chance to embarrass them. Inform the room that, as a result of your son’s notorious stubbornness, they were adamant they shave the ‘fluff’ off their chin this morning to symbolise their transition into adulthood. This speech will also be the perfect opportunity to remind your son how he has been an adult way before his years…as he continuously ran around the house as a toddler in your high heels and lipstick.

Humour always goes down well in the context of even the most emotional of speeches.

Equally, if you’re giving a speech at your own Bar Mitzvah, you may want to reminisce on your earliest memories and share a few favorites. No doubt you’ll have many heart-warming moments with your parents as you explored your faith and being a child, but the room will definitely appreciate a funny throwback and forgotten tale to get them laughing.

Thank the family

Whilst it can be argued that every amazing quality in your son comes from the genetics of you and your partner, there will also be many family and friends that have contributed to your son’s remarkable childhood.

If you have any grandparents that took on multiple babysitting duties, or a favourite Uncle who has helped you prep for this particular day, be sure to acknowledge those who have helped you on this journey.

To the future


Closing the door on childhood and walking into the daunting life that is adulthood can be quite daunting, but don’t forget this is a day of celebration. If you are writing a speech to honour your son, touch on the traits and stories you mentioned previously and say how you think these will develop into adulthood. Being a stubborn teenager may be ever-so-slightly-annoying now, but not giving up on what they want will be an amazing trait to carry into their future. No matter how many embarrassing anecdotes you’ve shared, wrap up by reminding them about how immensely proud you are and that you have no doubts about the adult they’ll become.

And if you are concluding your own Bar Mitzvah speech, what do you think your version of adulthood will look like? Are there any dreams you have or career goals you want to achieve? Or you are happy just going with the flow whilst aspiring to be half the adult your parents are.

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