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We’re here to help you write the perfect bride speech for your wedding.

First, decide who’s going to be giving the groom speech. You? Her? Or, even better, do it together.

Next, watch these videos to get some inspiration.

Finally, take Speechy’s advice. We’re experts at creating awesome moments.

Then BOOM – deliver a speech that’s a less ordinary.

This video contains ALL the speeches from this lucky couple’s big day, but if you skip from 2m20 up until 7 minutes, you’ll see an excellent speech by the bride.

Immediately, the bride gets a laugh from everyone in the crowd, acknowledging how a bride doesn’t traditionally speak, but as the whole wedding isn’t exactly traditional, who cares!

After that, we’re in! As you can see, the bride speech need be no different to a groom/bride speech at any other wedding. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You can do just what this bride does.

Firstly, she thanks her parents and maid of honour in a funny, moving way. Then she moves on to her bride. It gets a bit hard to hear at the end, but there’s lots of lovely emotional stuff in there, which is always going to be a winner.

Stuck for words on how to describe your new bride? Luckily, plenty of other people have written stuff which you can steal- I mean use.

There are plenty of poets you could quote. Keats, Wordsworth, maybe one of Shakespeare’s sonnets. OR you could do it MUCH better and quote REO Speedwagon’s ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’. How no one clocked that she was quoting this before she sang I have no idea. But it’s fun, memorable and above all a choice which is clearly fitting of the happy couple.

If you google the best wedding speeches, you’ll find a lot which looks like this. Montages. Moving music. Production values which seem like they’ve been taken straight from Netflix.

At the heart of them, lie very emotional vows or wedding speeches. Often you don’t get to hear the whole thing, as it will be cut into a highlight package by the editor. And while this one is short, it packs a lot of punch.

Of course, this is assisted by the images that go alongside it. And a speech this honest may feel soppy to some. But if it works for you and the people attending – do it! Only you know the audience.

Similar to the video above, here’s a speech from a British wedding. As it’s a highlight package, it contains several vows and speeches cut together. But if you skip to 1m30, there’s a good example of the kind of story we recommend in your speech.

It’s all about this couples struggles to secure a VISA, which meant they had to fight for this relationship. It’s incredibly personal and would move any audience.

At Speechy, we don’t really recommend videos or songs in your wedding speeches. They add another level of jeopardy on top of something which is already likely to be a nerve-racking experience. And if your words are good enough, they’ll always be more than sufficient for a fantastic speech.

However, this is a nice alternative. If you don’t want to speak, just show a montage of your favourite moments together! No one needs to get nervous, no one goes too far with the roasts and there are no arguments about who gets to speak. Hell yeah!

Many brides, best men and maid of honours also have a lot of faith in their singing abilities. Increasingly, many fancy themselves as a bit of a rapper. Which is presumably why there are SO many videos of people rapping over ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ at weddings.

This is one of the better ones we’ve seen. It’s perhaps too long, but it has a lot of funny, personalised lines and the audience enjoy it. It even manages to work in several stories about the bride, which you don’t see too many songs do effectively.

As we said earlier, there isn’t exactly a glut of bride’s speeches from lesbian weddings. Therefore, here’s a speech we liked delivered by an uncle at a same-sex marriage.

Whether you’re the bride, best man, maid of honour or, as in this case, an uncle, there’s a lot to learn here. It’s a great balance between the family’s personal history, unique stories and inspiring quotes. It’s both personal and because the uncle has been through this before, poetically says something about the world. You don’t need to settle the world’s rights in your speech, but this works well without detracting attention from the big day.

So these are our tips! If you still want more help, head over to Speechy’s guide to bride speeches. Then deliver your amazing speech and upload it to the internet! We need more great examples!

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