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Gay Groom Speech Examples

Gay Groom Speech Examples

Three examples of gay groom speeches written by the Speechy team for 'The Modern Couple's Guide to Wedding Speeches'. Of course, every groom speech needs to be unique, but hopefully these can give you a sense of a good structure, modern etiquette and how you can add humour to your speech. Get inspired...

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Lessons to Learn from Our Speech Examples

  • Length – no more than 1,300 words MAX
  • Structure – Don’t begin with the thank-yous, start with the stories and hook in your audience*
  • Don’t let your speech become a tedious thank-you list
  • Tell good stories
  • Resist Googled-gags, cliches, and platitudes
  • Pepper the speech with humour throughout
  • Have the romantic summary towards the end of your speech

Ultimately though, every speech should be unique and tailored to the individual speaker’s style.

For obvious reasons, we cannot share the full range of speeches we write for our clients but these are generic (and made-up) speeches to give you an idea of a good structure.

Your speech may be more sentimental, shorter, or poetic. Crucially, it needs to be more YOU!

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GROOM SPEECH – Delivered by Ryan
BACKGROUND: Ryan has married Magnus. They live in Edinburgh, Scotland, and met through friends. Ryan’s mum has passed away.  


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to what can only be described as the greatest day of my life. Well, second greatest day of my life, if you include the day Magnus managed to not leave a wet towel on the bed. (Pretend to wipe tear away) Sorry, it’s an emotional memory.

Firstly, on behalf of both Magnus and I, let me thank you all for coming. I know many of you have travelled long distances to be here. And a special thanks to our English friends, many of whom see travelling north of the border as akin to entering the Squid Games. Your bravery is greatly appreciated.


Now, another person I’d like to thank is our mutual friend Lou who actually set us up six years ago. I mean, I say ‘set up’, she described me to Magnus as ‘average looking, but has nice shoes’.

But uncharitable review or not, it certainly seemed to do the trick. When we met for the first time at Lou’s birthday drinks, we immediately gravitated towards each other. We talked intensely all evening. It was one of those conversations where you lose all track of time and everything else just seems to drift into the background. We talked about life, hobbies, future plans and how when he was a kid, he was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh. Which makes it not at all surprising that he’d end up with me: a chubby character with one shirt and an aggressive appetite.

I remember coming away from that evening in a bit of a haze, not only had I found someone I liked, and liked me back, but I’d also found someone who could still rap all the words to Eminem’s ‘Stan’.

I thought life couldn’t get any better until, as we went to leave, he nervously turned to me and uttered those three magic words all guys want to hear: Fancy a kebab?

It was then I knew I was in love.

It’s a weird feeling meeting someone that you know you’d happily spend the rest of your life with. Before meeting Magnus ‘love’ felt like just a word, and all of a sudden, he comes along and fills that word with meaning.

To this day, I’ve always maintained that it feels like we are two halves of the same whole. It felt like that then, and still does now, that we were just the right amount of similar, and just the right amount of different to be perfect together.

We complement each other’s good traits and soften each other’s bad ones. By which I mean, I occasionally pick up his wet towels and he does literally everything else.

But I also mean that he has taught me a lot. He’s taught me that kindness always wins, he’s taught me that it’s not the words you say, but the way you make people feel that gets remembered, and he’s taught me that marmite and cheese on crumpets is the greatest snack known to man.

He is the other side to my coin, the cheerful Winnie the Pooh to my grumpy Eeyore. And now, incredibly, he’s my husband.


If you’ll all allow me, I’d like to take this opportunity to mention some incredibly important people who have helped us not just today, but throughout our lives.

Firstly, I’d like to thank my dad, who has taught me that being a man isn’t about machismo and bravado, it’s about being warm, welcoming, and caring. I’ve often been called a ‘mini David’, and it’s something I’ll continue to wear as a badge of honour.

To Magnus’s parents, June and Martin, your help with the wedding planning has been utterly invaluable, and I can’t thank you enough for how you’ve both welcomed me into your family. I’ll look forward to many more Sunday dinners that end with Martin saying ‘I’ll get the whisky’.

To my groomsmen, for turning up both fully dressed and mostly sober, and also for years of support, advice and knowing exactly when I need a chat and a game of FIFA.


And finally, I’d like to say thank you to a very special woman who is sadly no longer with us: my mum. There’s no other way to say it, other than it’s heartbreaking that she can’t be here today. She was a person who was born to be at big events. A person who filled the room with her smile and her presence. And while she can’t be with us, I know how much she approved of Magnus, because in the latter weeks of her life, she tapped me on the hand and gently said ‘Magnus is a keeper’.

So mum, I love you and I miss you, and I hope you’re looking down on us today with your characteristic big smile on your face, safe in the knowledge that I’ve taken your advice on board.


Now, I’m not one for massive promises and grand gestures, but now seems like as good a moment as any to break from that tradition. So Magnus, before I end this speech, I’d like to give you three promises for our future life together: I promise whenever you say ‘fancy a kebab?’ I’ll always say yes. I promise to always back you up by singing the Dido chorus in ‘Stan’, and I promise that no matter what, I’ll spend the rest of my days attempting to make you as happy as you’ve made me.


So, without further ado, if you’ll all kindly be upstanding, and join me in a toast to my best friend and love of my life: to Magnus (Raise toast).

Written by Ed and TomSpeechy Writers

gay groom wedding speech
GAY GROOM SPEECH – Delivered by Sam
BACKGROUND: Sam has married Miles. They met at work and live in Leeds, England.  

Friends, family, plus-ones we had to invite out of awkwardness, it’s a pleasure to have you all here.

In my job, I tend to write down my ideas, tweet them or pop them in a press release, rather than say them out loud to the 120 people I love the most in the whole wide world. However, even I know that tweeting this speech wouldn’t quite have the same emotional pull. And unfortunately for you lot, this speech definitely wouldn’t fit the 280-character limit.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Sam, and you must have walked into the wrong wedding.

Now, I, Sam, recently came to the conclusion that I am the luckiest man in the history of humankind. That’s right: I firmly and truly believe that nobody has ever been as lucky as Sam O’Riley.

Not Joan R. Ginther, the Texan woman who won the lottery a staggering four times in the 1990s. Not twelfth-century Japanese monk ‘Nichiren’, who survived his own beheading when his executioner was struck by lightning. Not even Lucky Luckersson, the Swedish horseshoe maker and four-leafed clover collector I just made up.

Because none of those people were lucky enough to marry Miles Wilson.

And yes, some of you may be thinking ‘Surely it’s not all luck – you probably won him over with your winning personality, your effortless charm and your wicked sense of humour’. And to those people I say, ‘Look, I already told you, you’re at the wrong wedding’.

My first piece of luck came on the day my firm were hired as clients by Miles’s company, and I found out who I’d be dealing with on the accounts side. Then Smelly Frank died of a heart attack and Miles took his place.

The first time I saw him, I genuinely knew Miles was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And not just because Smelly Frank’s passing had made me worry about how much time I had left.

To clarify, by the way, Smelly Frank never existed. I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to speak ill of the dead if you invented them for comic effect.

When I first met Miles, the first thing I noticed were his huge, green eyes and his effortless, innocent smile that said, ‘I’m not the kind of man who invents smelly men then kills them off for a cheap laugh’. He was just so darn attractive, and I couldn’t believe my luck when he matched that aesthetic beauty with a witty, playful personality and a kind, generous, empathetic soul.

Honestly, the only way Miles could have been more perfect was if he was the manager of Tottenham Hotspur and wanted to pick me up front. Although for anyone who’s ever seen me play five-a-side, there’s an argument that my limited ability would put something of a strain on our relationship.

Of course, me being me, I was way too nervous to ask him out, umming and ahhing my way through awkward conversations and pretending to care about work during our meetings, when all I could think about was him. My hesitation and nerves lasted so long that I almost missed my chance, but thankfully fate was about to strike again.

This next lucky break came when I was staying in London on an overnight with work, and my colleague and close friend Sachin had a family emergency and had to cancel his trip. Although now I think about it, I guess that’s more lucky for me than for Sachin… Sorry mate, hope your auntie’s okay now.

I emailed Miles and told him the news, that it would just be me in town for the evening, and that I’d be having dinner on my own in the hotel, and he immediately suggested I come out with him and an old school friend instead. Delighted, I said yes, and then I was even more delighted to learn that this school friend wouldn’t be joining us. Because he never existed in the first place. Yes, my husband likes to make up people too.

We had an incredible night, laughing, talking, eating and drinking so much that our meetings the next day were mostly made up of orange Lucozade, Big Mac meals and enough Paracetamol to knock out a large buffalo.

After a few weeks, the work arrangement came to an end, but mine and Miles’s relationship didn’t. I’d spend weekends in London, then he’d spend weekends in Bath, and we’d talk on the phone most evenings. I think O2’s profits got a significant boost that summer.

And the good fortune didn’t even stop there. I was lucky enough that he agreed to switch offices to Bath so he could move in with me. I was lucky enough to meet his amazing, hilarious friends and kind, welcoming family. I was lucky enough that we found Pogo the Yorkshire Terrier at the shelter, who quickly became the most adored third wheel you could hope to meet.

Finally, I was lucky enough that, when I again ummed and ahhed about how to ask him to marry me, Miles cottoned on, and asked me instead. And he was unlucky enough that I immediately said yes.

Miles, I love you, and today the luckiest man in the world has also become the happiest.

Before I go, thanks must go to my Mum and Dad, Jill and Colin, for blessing me with all this good luck in the first place, as well as doing your best to pass down your kindness, your ambition, your sense of fun and your unending loyalty. If Miles and I can be even a fraction of the absolute power couple you two are, it will be a job well done.

To Miles’s parents, Jim and Ursula, thanks for all your help and support in the lead up to this big day, for welcoming me like a son, and of course for raising this total force of nature I’m so proud to call my husband.

And finally, I wanted to thank whatever it is that brings us luck. Whether it’s fate, a god, multiple gods, the universe itself or simply chance, luck is what brought us here today. Which is why, under your napkins, each of you will find a small gift from me. A lottery ticket for tonight.

And if any of you win, I assume I’ll be lucky enough that you’ll wire me half. I have had a free bar to pay for tonight, after all.

That’s all from me, but before I go, please join me by raising your glasses in a toast to the biggest jackpot of them all – to Miles!

Written by Ed and Tom, Speechy writers

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GAY JOINT SPEECH – Delivered by Paulo and Gus
BACKGROUND: This couple are based in South London, England and met online five years ago.  

GUS:                              Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

PAOLO:                         Although having been clubbing with many of you back in the day, I’m not sure ‘gentlemen’ is the right term.

Now, as many of you know, my new husband Gus isn’t the most confident in a big crowd, which is why I’ll be doing most of the talking today.

GUS:                              And I’ll be saying the occasional word, but mainly nodding in agreement.

PAOLO:                         Just think of it like one of our dinner parties. Only with much, much better catering.

GUS:                              For our speech today, we wanted to do something a little different, and rather than give a speech, we thought we’d tell you a story.

PAOLO/GUS:                 A rather unusual fairytale.

PAOLO:                         Now, a long, long time ago, in a land far, far away . . .

GUS:                              Ruislip.

PAOLO:                         . . . there was a frog. Now, this frog was half-Italian, had slightly greying hair, and was allergic to the gym. Honestly, it was like a fairytale curse! If he even touched a weights bench, he’d die instantly.

GUS:                              Always good to have an excuse.

PAOLO:                         This frog wasn’t brought up by a wicked stepmother or an evil snow queen, but by his dad, Frank, who was a long-haul lorry driver. Yes, it was less ‘Snow White and the 7 Dwarves’, and more ‘White americano on the M7 motorway’.

GUS:                              As a teenager, the frog dreamt of meeting his prince. But little did the little Italian frog know that his true love was lurking around the corner.

PAOLO:                         In Guildford. We told you this was an unconventional fairytale, right? This young Prince Charming was, like all princes, a pampered little lad, enrolled in a private school and engaging in the most expensive hobbies.

GUS:                              Horse-riding, sailing, even violin lessons.

PAOLO:                         Whereas my hobbies made me money. If you count stealing tenners from my dad’s wallet as a hobby, that is. And though they were from two different worlds, the frog and the prince would eventually meet, many years later, in the court of love.

GUS:                              Or as most people refer to it: PlentyOfFish.com.

PAOLO:                         Yes, for our two heroes it had been many years of being unlucky in love, with failed relationships, awkward dates and even three months with a woman called Julie . . . Let’s just say it didn’t take long to realise we should just be friends. But now, the prince and the frog were united.

GUS:                              All they needed now was the kiss. For their first kiss, they needed somewhere beautiful, romantic, straight out of a magical storybook.

PAOLO:                         That’s right, ladies and gents: outside Tiger Tiger nightclub in Croydon.

GUS:                              But still, the kiss was wonderful and the spell was broken. And Paul was no longer a poor, lonely frog.

PAOLO:                         Now he was a 42-year-old frog snogging posh blokes outside a nightclub. He’d truly come such a long way.

GUS:                              Soon, the pair were in love, and moved into their very own castle.

PAOLO:                         And yes, instead of a moat, there was damp on the ceiling.

GUS:                              Instead of a drawbridge, there was a sign saying, ‘doorbell broken, please shout’.

PAOLO:                         And instead of a palace jester, there was Maureen the landlord with her insistence on calling us ‘the two friends in Flat B’.

GUS:                              But it’s a castle to us, and we couldn’t love it more.

PAOLO:                         Finally, all that was left was the fairytale wedding. Esteemed, noble guests gathered from far and wide, a devilish feast was eaten, and one thousand bottles of wine were drunk.

GUS:                              And that was just my sister, Becca.

PAOLO:                         Deciding to get married was the prince’s most expensive hobby yet – who knew it would cost a thousand pounds to hire chairs?!

GUS:                              If I ever get married again, you lot can sit on the floor like a primary school assembly.

PAOLO:                         But despite the cost, the wedding was beautiful. Merry minstrels played melodic music, and heartfelt vows were shared.

GUS:                              Which means I’ve had to speak in public twice today.

PAOLO:                         And from that moment on, the frog and the prince lived happily ever after. A bigger, less damp castle is on the horizon, and hopefully even some little half-prince, half-frog babies.

GUS:                              Although when you put it like that, it’s a little off-putting.

PAOLO:                         So, as this storybook comes to an end, a new one begins. Please join us in raising a toast, to the next chapter.

PAOLO/GUS:                 *raise glasses* The next chapter!

PAOLO:                         Before we leave you, we did want to give a nod to those who sadly couldn’t be with us today. Frank the lorry driver was a huge fan of Gus, and he would have been over the moon to see us tie the knot today. And I hope I made my mother Shirley proud as well.

GUS:                              I never got to meet Shirley, but from everything I’ve heard, she is the one who gave Paolo his kindness, his sense of community, and his absolutely terrible dress sense.

                                      For those of you we were able to welcome today, special thanks must go to my parents, Val and Jim, for all their love and support, and of course to the aforementioned Becca. How’s that Chablis going down, sis?

PAOLO:                         To our Best – and I use that term inaccurately – Men, Liam and Joe, thanks for all your help today, and of course a huge thanks to Steffi for being a logistical queen. We couldn’t have done it without you.

GUS:                              It isn’t easy planning a wedding for a pampered prince with very expensive tastes . . .

PAOLO:                         Or a greying frog who never shuts up . . .

GUS:                              But you did it. Thank you.

PAOLO:                         Right, that’s all from us, other than to borrow a quote from Hans Christian Andersen: ‘Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale’.

GUS:                              And to borrow a quote from Frank the lorry driver: ‘Alright buddy, fancy a pint? 

Speech written by Ed and Tom

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