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Golden Anniversary Speech

Golden Anniversary Speech

anniversary speech Tolerating a partner for 50 years is a bit like getting a weekly average score of three for Wordle; challenging but worth the resulting smugness and happy glow!

If you’ve been married 50 years then you’ve partied into the third millennium together and also dragged yourself through copious COVID lockdowns. That is something truly worth celebrating.

Whether you are part of the couple delivering the speech or simply honoring them, you want to do your best at summing up those decades of devotion with a heart-warming yet witty speech.

This is your chance to show that a real-life love story can be just as funny and endearing as a Julia Roberts rom-com. More so, in fact. Real-life love may not have the same budget as a Hollywood blockbuster but it’s much more poignant and life-affirming when you know the characters involved and when time has proven that romance is more than just a fairy tale.

But if the thought of doing all that in less than ten minutes is filling you with dread, Speechy can show you how easy it really is.

Here’s what you need to know about writing a memorable anniversary speech.

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  • Keep it between 5-10 minutes long: no more than 1,200 words max.
  • Tell some stories: You’ll have heaps of humorous and sweet memories to draw on.
  • Pay tribute to your partner/the couple: Acknowledge the quirks and traits that have made the marriage so successful.
  • Have a laugh: Life is serious, share your love by sharing laughter.
  • Thank those who have been supportive: Honour those who have helped along the way.
  • Finish with something sweet: End with something sentimental. People might forget the words you say but they will always remember how you make them feel.

Tell some stories

At the heart of every great speech are stories that explore a variety of memories and perspectives – they entice people in a way adjectives don’t.

Remember to keep your anecdotes inclusive – no ‘in jokes’ or ‘you had to be there’s’. You want the room to relate and recognise the person/couple they know and love.

Of course, mini revelations, confessions and surprises always go down well! Feel free to go through the archives and hit them with a ‘not many people know this but…’ as you reminisce through the early stages of the relationship.


It is important to ensure that everyone in the room is aware that you ‘get them’. Whether you are paying tribute to your partner or your parents, delve into their habits and traits that make them the person they are.

You don’t need to pretend they’re perfect in order to honour them. In fact, confessing that you still argue whether or not the bedroom window should remain open at night, fifty years on, is one of those admissions that prove you still like each other enough to tease each other. It shows you have fun together.

Being married for fifty years is such a huge achievement, so be sure to touch on the things that have helped them reach this special milestone-even if it has included a few ‘debates’ along the way.


Humour is everything in a speech. Not only does it automatically break the ice, but it quickly entices the audience and makes everyone feel at ease.

Many people are unaware of how easy it can be to create original comedy and instead acquire their humour from recycled jokes from the internet.

Remember the adage, it’s funny because it’s true. Look at the relationship and the little quirks that have been established along the way.

Most of all, if you are part of the couple, look at yourself. Self-deprecating  humour is not only the safest form but one of the most effective. So, can you list some of your quirks and bad habits when thanking your partner for tolerating you for so long?


Ensure you find time to thank those who have helped support along the way. Be it friends, siblings or children, recognise those who have helped make this period an easier time.


If all has gone smoothly, your audience will respond well to some well-timed appreciation and sentiment to end your speech. Recognising how valued your partner/the couple is not only to you, but to everyone in the room, is a perfect way to round up.

Allow one more time to reminisce on all the magic and memories over the past fifty years and finish with that all important l-bomb. Delivered successfully, this speech will add to the ever-growing memory box.

Conclude with a toast ‘to may more happy years of loving each other’.

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