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Groom Speech Examples

Groom Speech Examples

Three examples of groom speeches written by the Speechy team for 'The Modern Couple's Guide to Wedding Speeches'. Now, every groom speech needs to be unique, but hopefully these can give you a sense of a good structure, modern etiquette and how you can add humour to your speech. Get inspired...

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Lessons to Learn from Our Speech Examples

  • Length – no more than 1,300 words
  • Structure – Don’t begin with the thank-yous, start with the stories and hook in your audience
  • Don’t let your speech become a tedious thank-you list
  • Tell good stories
  • Resist Googled-gags, cliches, and platitudes
  • Pepper the speech with humour throughout
  • Have the romantic summary towards the end of your speech

Ultimately though, every speech should be unique and tailored to the individual speaker’s style.

For obvious reasons, we cannot share the full range of speeches we write for our clients but these are generic (and made-up) speeches to give you an idea of a good structure.

Your speech may be more sentimental, shorter, or poetic. Crucially, it needs to be more YOU!

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GROOM SPEECH – Delivered by Ryan
BACKGROUND: Ryan has married Misty. They live in Edinburgh, Scotland, and met through friends. Ryan’s mum has passed away.   


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to what can only be described as the greatest day of my life. Well, second greatest day of my life, if you include the day Misty managed to not leave a wet towel on the bed. (Pretend to wipe tear away) Sorry, it’s an emotional memory.

Firstly, on behalf of both Misty and I, let me thank you all for coming. I know many of you have travelled long distances to be here. And a special thanks to our English friends, many of whom see travelling north of the border as akin to entering the Squid Games. Your bravery is greatly appreciated.


Now, another person I’d like to thank is our mutual friend Lou who actually set us up six years ago. I mean, I say ‘set up’, she described me to Misty as ‘average looking, but has nice shoes’.

But uncharitable review or not, it certainly seemed to do the trick. When we met for the first time at Lou’s birthday drinks, we immediately gravitated towards each other. We talked intensely all evening. It was one of those conversations where you lose all track of time and everything else just seems to drift into the background. We talked about life, hobbies, future plans and how when she was a kid, she was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh. Which makes it not at all surprising that she’d end up with me: a chubby character with one shirt and an aggressive appetite.

I remember coming away from that evening in a bit of a haze, not only had I found someone I liked, and liked me back, but I’d also found someone who could still rap all the words to Eminem’s ‘Stan’.

I thought life couldn’t get any better until, as we went to leave, she nervously turned to me and uttered those three magic words all guys want to hear: Fancy a kebab?

It was then I knew I was in love.

It’s a weird feeling meeting someone that you know you’d happily spend the rest of your life with. Before meeting Misty ‘love’ felt like just a word, and all of a sudden, she comes along and fills that word with meaning.

To this day, I’ve always maintained that it feels like we are two halves of the same whole. It felt like that then, and still does now, that we were just the right amount of similar, and just the right amount of different to be perfect together.

We complement each other’s good traits, and soften each other’s bad ones. By which I mean, I occasionally pick up her wet towels and she does literally everything else.

But I also mean that she has taught me a lot. She’s taught me that kindness always wins, she’s taught me that it’s not the words you say, but the way you make people feel that gets remembered, and she’s taught me that marmite and cheese on crumpets is the greatest snack known to man.

She is the other side to my coin, the cheerful Winnie the Pooh to my grumpy Eeyore. And now, incredibly, she’s my wife.


If you’ll all allow me, I’d like to take this opportunity to mention some incredibly important people who have helped us not just today, but throughout our lives.

Firstly, I’d like to thank my dad, who has taught me that being a man isn’t about machismo and bravado, it’s about being warm, welcoming and caring. I’ve often been called a ‘mini David’, and it’s something I’ll continue to wear as a badge of honour.

To Misty’s parents, June and Martin, your help with the wedding planning has been utterly invaluable, and I can’t thank you enough for how you’ve both welcomed me into your family. I’ll look forward to many more Sunday dinners that end with Martin saying ‘I’ll get the whiskey’.

To my groomsmen, for turning up both fully dressed and mostly sober, and also for years of support, advice and knowing exactly when I need a chat and a game of FIFA.

To Misty’s bridesmaids for being amazing friends and helping everyone keep a cool head with yesterday’s dress disaster. Your sage advice and support has always been a great comfort to Misty and I both.


And finally, I’d like to say thank you to a very special woman who is sadly no longer with us: my mum. There’s no other way to say it, other than it’s heartbreaking that she can’t be here today. She was a person who was born to be at big events. A person who filled the room with her smile and her presence. And while she can’t be with us, I know how much she approved of Misty, because in the latter weeks of her life, she tapped me on the hand and gently said ‘Misty is a keeper’.

So mum, I love you and I miss you, and I hope you’re looking down on us today with your characteristic big smile on your face, safe in the knowledge that I’ve taken your advice on board.


Now, I’m not one for massive promises and grand gestures, but now seems like as good a moment as any to break from that tradition. So Misty, before I end this speech, I’d like to give you three promises for our future life together: I promise whenever you say ‘fancy a kebab?’ I’ll always say yes. I promise to always back you up by singing the Dido chorus in ‘Stan’, and I promise that no matter what, I’ll spend the rest of my days attempting to make you as happy as you’ve made me.


So, without further ado, if you’ll all kindly be upstanding, and join me in a toast to my best friend and love of my life: The new… Mrs Misty Ferguson! (Raise toast).

Written by Ed and Tom, Speechy Writers

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GROOM SPEECH – Delivered by Alejandro
BACKGROUND: Alejandro has married Michelle. They live in Boston. Alejandro is in his fifties and is originally from Spain. There are lots of people at the wedding for whom English is their second language.  


Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family, Spaniards and Americans – today is a historic day. As Michelle has done me the great honour of agreeing to be my wife, it is a day when our countries’ traditions and cultures come together.

Today, the Spanish Imperial Eagle takes to the skies with the American Bald Eagle. Today, we scatter hamburgers and fries across the paella and create the McPaella. Today, we play the Marcha Real alongside the Star-Spangled Banner.

As you can perhaps tell, a mix of cultures is not always an easy thing, but I believe that, with work, my wife and I can make it so that our music is harmonious, our meals are delicious and our nation’s birds do not peck each other to death.


Today, I have the joy of standing here as part of a married couple. As you may know, I am more mature than the traditional groom and I must admit that as, one-by-one, my friends and family members all got married, I sat there at a succession of weddings, always on the single table. In case you were wondering, the single table is Table Five today. Please stop by and pity them, it’s what they deserve. 

At every wedding, I was pestered by my mother and aunts about when I will marry. I looked at the grooms and I thought, ‘Thank God I am single.’ I will admit I have enjoyed the bachelor life. I have enjoyed being free to pursue my work, to not worry about when I come home, and to live in a house where there are fewer than two cushions in the entire place.

But then Michelle happened.

We met through the intervention of our friend Katya – there she is on Table Five, and, yes, she is single. I met Michelle in the street as we were passing and she was rude to me and bossy. I couldn’t understand this American powerhouse. She told me to take her out for coffee and I don’t know what happened. I lost the power to resist. All of my bachelor strength was drained, and I found myself nodding and doing as I was told for once.

I don’t know how but Michelle flies under my radar, she unpicks my defences and I find it impossible to resist her. And I have tried!

So, my beautiful wife Michelle arrived and my bachelor life ended. I am able to stand here today and say I am so grateful that it has. No more Table Five. No more aunts and mothers asking me when I will get married. So many more cushions.

Michelle has allowed me to speak for both of us today, which she did so on the condition that I understood this was to be the last time in our married lives that this was the case. From now on, I shall be the perfect trophy husband that Michelle wants, I will nod and I will look pretty.

I would like to take this opportunity then to say some sincere and heartfelt thank yous. First of all, I would like to thank you, our guests, for coming today. I know that for some of you, especially the guests today from Malaga in southern Spain, the journey to join us here today has been significant.


When people will fly nearly 5,000 miles to a wedding, you realise how powerful the offer of free food and drink truly is. I hope today is a celebration for you too and please know that we are so grateful for you making this day so special.

Now for the rest of you, I want to issue a warning that many of our Malagan guests might not have the greatest command of the English language. For some of them this is the first time that they have been abroad. I won’t embarrass him by name, but one of the guests asked me where Mickey Mouse was and I had to explain that the mouse isn’t everywhere.

So, to make them feel more welcome I thought maybe I could teach you some useful Spanish phrases that could help you integrate. If you look on your table you will see a card for you each so you can read along with me. So listen to me and repeat please!

‘He bebido demasiado Sangria y no puedo sentir mis piernas.’

Come on, I know you can do it.

‘He bebido demasiado Sangria y no puedo sentir mis piernas.’

That is a very useful Spanish phrase which means:

‘I have drunk too much Sangria and can no longer feel my legs.’

Ok, another:

‘Me gustaria bailar Flamenco contigo hasta una hora desaconsejable.’

Try again:

‘Me gustaria bailar Flamenco contigo hasta una hora desaconsejable.’

That means:

‘I would like to dance the flamenco with you until an inadvisable hour.’

Excellent! Now finally:

‘Hola, me puedes llamar un Uber. No recuerdo nada de anoche.’


‘Hola, me puedes llamar un Uber. No recuerdo nada de anoche.’

That translastes as:

‘Please call me an Uber, I have no recollection of last night.’

Now, as you may know I have been in America for nearly ten years now and I am starting to think of myself as part-American. For Michelle, I know this makes her laugh, because she often says that I am the most Spanish man in the history of the world.

But I think coming to a foreign country can be an amazing learning experience because every day you do things as an outsider. Everything is different here. Everything. You want to go to the toilet in America then you have to pay to go into the toilet. In America, toilets are also a business! Amazing!

I am an outsider with your food. Thanks to my mother I was raised eating home-cooked food bursting with flavour, then I come to America and I eat McDonalds every day and slowly my tastebuds fade away and now they are on life support, kept going only by the jamon iberico my mother sends me at Christmas.

But as an outsider I have also been shocked to see the difference in some people in America – the friendliness and the warmth that I am offered. I think this is why Michelle has overcome my defences.

As you know, she works as the director of a charity and she lives her life for other people. She thinks and she cares for other people all the time and I am amazed that she has agreed to be my wife today. Perhaps I am her biggest charity project yet and one day after years of rehabilitation she will release me back into the wild. I hope not.

By contrast, I am the greedy property developer, making money from the ruins of other people’s lives and hopes. I will not lie, my day is not complete until I have pushed at least three widows out of their houses and turned their homes into flats. But maybe this too has been useful for my marriage. After all, my work has taught me to look at ruined and dilapidated things and see the beauty there. Anyone drawing any comparisons to Michelle should be ashamed of themselves.


Seriously, I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful woman on any continent in the world today.

I want to thank you for coming to our wedding. I want to thank Michelle for agreeing to be my wife and I want to end my speech by offering her these traditional arras. These are Spanish gold coins that a groom gives to his wife on their wedding day. The coins are a symbol of how the man promises to provide for his wife. Not just in terms of finance but also for their emotions – to be a provider that gives her everything she needs.

My love, I give these coins to you today and promise that I will do my best to ensure that for you for the rest of our lives you have everything you ever need and, always, more than enough love.


Now everybody: please raise your glasses and repeat after me:  ‘¡Arriba! ¡Abajo! ¡Al centro! …. y pa dentro!’ That means put your arm up, put your arm down, health for you all, drink it down!

Speech written by Andrew, Speechy writer

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GROOM SPEECH – Delivered by Kanav
BACKGROUND: Kanav has married Priyanka. They live in Nottingham, England and are of South Asian descent. Kanav is an architect. The wedding is traditionally large, with over 350 people attending.  


Ladies and gentlemen, uncles and aunties, bhaiyon aur behano, boys and girls – namaste and welcome. My wife and I…(pause for applause) thank you so much for coming to share this wonderful weekend with us.

Of course, as much as we’d love to take credit for it, this has been a mammoth group effort with so many to thank for their involvement. After this, our parents are going to take a well-earned rest and sort out the global warming issue.

Now, you already heard the disastrous way Priyanka and I met from the best man, so I won’t go over that again. But it’s true what he said – we were… well, we are like chalk and cheese. Or some would say coal and paneer. And you can tell which one of us is paneer, can’t you?

As a primary school teacher, Priyanka is warm, caring, communicative – a real people’s person who works amongst a number of impatient clients every day. As an architect, I’m concise, introverted, and analytical – I need my space to focus on just one project, sometimes for months at a time. Basically, I’m boring, slow and don’t like hanging out with people.

(Look around) Really, I’ve no idea how this all happened.


But, as the saying goes, opposites attract and you can see that for yourselves in our wedding. Priyanka’s creativity and vivid imagination has gone wild. Getting married in October, she actually wanted this weekend to have a Halloween-themed twist, asking guests to wear Indian costumes, but ripped and bloodied so we’d all look like zombies.

At one point, there was even a Thriller dance routine being planned.

I, of course, shot down idea after idea with my pragmatism, wanting us to keep things traditional, low-maintenance and on the right side of sane. But, if any of you want to rip up your lehangas and kurtas and cover yourselves in the madras, feel free. Though, looking at my mother, maybe not!

Of course, I couldn’t reject all of Priyanka’s inspired ideas and you’ll spot many of them here this evening: the Indian food twists on pizzas and sushi, and the dosa-crepe stand were all her idea. The games of Antakshari, the Carrum tournament, the masala cocktails and the band that does rock covers of Bollywood numbers? All her.

Whilst she came up with all the cool ideas, I kept in my lane; compiling an Excel spreadsheet and making sure we could actually pay for it all. And when I say ‘we’, what I actually mean is we pay a small percentage while our parents pay the rest. Thank you Maa, Papa, Saasuma, Sasurji. We owe you. Literally!

But honestly, watching Priyanka plan our wedding has been an absolute joy and seeing how beautiful she looks today is truly humbling.

Priyanka’s knowledge and creativity as a teacher, even as an individual, has never failed to astound me. I had no idea how much my life lacked colour until I met her. She introduced me to different foods, different countries and cultures, and even different films and TV.

I honestly thought she was ready to break up with me when I told her I’d never watched Kuch Kuch Hota Hain. And I was sure it was the end of us when she forced me to watch Maine Pyar Kiya and I walked out halfway through the film. Those of you who don’t know, she loves Maine Pyar Kiya the same way I love KFC.

As I say, opposites attract.


Priyanka brings the fun and the excitement to the relationship, and I hope, as an architect, I bring the structure. It may not sound as fun as colour, but when you build the foundations of a relationship you need both passion and pragmatism to keep it from crumbling when confronted with life’s challenges.  

We visit monuments like the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids of Giza because of their colour and the emotions they evoke, and thankfully they continue to stand due to their intelligent architecture. Both foundation and beauty play equally important roles in maintaining the immortality of these international treasures. And I think it’s the same principle that means Priyanka and I will stand the test of time.  

We bring out the best in each other and push one another to challenge the people we are. Sure, this can lead to a few ‘debates’ but we’re ready to hear each other out, and most importantly, we’re ready to compromise. This wedding is the perfect example of the beauty that compromise can lead to. I’ve no doubt we have a few more disagreements ahead of us, but I’m equally sure that our compromises will lead to ever more beautiful times shared together.

Priyanka, before I met you, I already had strong foundations. In fact, I was an unmovable object, working in the same place I’d joined since graduation, living in the same flat. You came in like an unstoppable rainbow grenade, and I don’t think my life was ever the same again. I don’t want my life to ever be the same again.

Whenever you’re about, Kuch Kuch Hota Hain (something happens) and it’s fair to say, Maine Pyar Kiya (I fell in love).


Now, if you can all join me in a toast to my beautiful wife, my very own rainbow grenade, my wonderful Priyanka.

To Priyanka.

Written by Shai, Speechy writer

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