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The Speechy team have curated the best groom speech videos on the internet today, so you don’t have to.

Each of these SEVEN videos is useful to highlight some excellent groom speech advice and writing techniques.   So hello dream speech, goodbye stress.

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The Crowd Pleaser

In many ways, this is what a lot of groom’s speeches sound like. Thank you for being here – check. Thanks to my family – check. Thanks to the bride’s family – check.

But despite this being fairly traditional, the joke rate and sheer confidence in delivery help make this special. The groom immediately gets in plenty of the crowd-pleasing jokes. Some a little familiar, but well-chosen and well-aimed which is always good.

Also, the groom is charming and doesn’t look like he’s trying too hard, which is relaxing for the audience. For more tips on how to be just as confident as him, check out our Speechy Delivery Coaching Service.

The Funny Thanker

Again, in terms of delivery, this is an excellent speech with the audience not being able to get enough of him.

Our groom here gives very personal, amusing thanks to all concerned. There’s no reason to think that the thanks segment and the speech are two separate things – or that the thanks are something you have to do at the end. By making this as funny as possible, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

There’s also a good story with his wife with which he manages to relate her professional life (she’s a teacher) to their private life and conveys it to the audience in an entertaining way.

The Lessons

Notice how similar the jokes are at the top to the crowd pleaser’s speech. One is IDENTICAL ‘it’s great you could all turn up… and x’.

However, both times the joke gets a laugh, so even if one of your jokes is a little corny, if you want to get a good laugh to get your confidence up early on, you could do worse.

The thing that makes this speech notable for us is how they’ve related good stories to lessons they’ve learned or been taught. This is a nice twist on the ‘thanks’ segment.

Just maybe don’t do a Welsh accent in yours…

The Soppy One

First things first – this is a good speech. It’s well-written; it feels like a story; it connects with the audience and is incredibly heartfelt. So, if that reflects how you feel and how your audience will want to feel, this is great to copy. Read the room.

However, this is perhaps too cheesy for most — especially us cynical Brits. We want a few more jokes in there!

Still, if you don’t want to tell too many jokes, this speech shows us it pays off to be honest. There’s always room for stories from the heart.

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The Famous One

Just because we HAVE to show this, here’s the most-watched groom speech possibly ever.

Here, Tom from McFly writes a song to celebrate everyone involved with the wedding. In most cases we don’t recommend singing – a speech will do just fine. But if you’re in one of the biggest boy bands of the noughties, you get a free pass.

The Phone Reader

A perfectly good speech – again – with some similar jokes to the above (‘I’d like to thank my parents for raising such a great son’). But one word of advice – don’t read off your phone! It’s your wedding, not the tube.

And don’t feel you have to hand out gifts during the speech. If you want to, save it until afterwards, as it can leave the speech feeling stilted.

The Nervous One

This is why it’s essential to prepare a good story. Poor guy could’ve done with our delivery coaching service…

These are just some of the ways you can structure your groom’s speech. But whatever you do, be funny, be honest and don’t read off your phone.

For more tips, head to our Groom Speech Advice page.

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