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Lesbian Bride Speech Examples

Lesbian Bride Speech Examples

Three examples of lesbian bride speeches written by the Speechy team for 'The Modern Couple's Guide to Wedding Speeches'. Of course, every bride speech needs to be unique, but hopefully these can give you a sense of a good structure, modern etiquette and how you can add humour to your speech. Get inspired...

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lesbian bride speech example

Lessons to Learn From Our Speech Examples

  • Length – no more than 1,300 words MAX
  • Structure – Don’t begin with the thank-yous, start with the stories and hook in your audience*
  • Don’t let your speech become a tedious thank-you list
  • Tell good stories
  • Resist Googled-gags, cliches, and platitudes
  • Pepper the speech with humour throughout
  • Have the romantic summary towards the end of your speech

Ultimately though, every speech should be unique and tailored to the individual speaker’s style.

For obvious reasons, we cannot share the full range of speeches we write for our clients but these are generic (and made-up) speeches to give you an idea of a good structure.

Your speech may be more sentimental, shorter, or poetic. Crucially, it needs to be more YOU!

lesbian bride speech uk

GAY BRIDE SPEECH – Delivered by Cassidy

BACKGROUND: Cassidy has married Mia. They live in Florida. Cassidy is 30 and Mia is 47. Mia is a surfing instructor.  

Good evening everyone – on behalf of my wife and I (pause for applause), I wanted to say a few words before the meal is served, to tell you how much we love you all.

A wedding is a time to celebrate love and, primarily, we think of that as being the love between the couple getting married.

Mia and I think it’s wider than that though; we think it’s also about celebrating the love from and to everyone here. The love that exists between the people you know. The love that could exist between the people you don’t.

Today is not just our wedding, it’s a celebration of that love.

There’s too much darkness in the world and so today at our wedding you have just one challenge: find that love. Squeeze that hand. Pinch that ass. Kiss those lips.

I’ve never been in love before. I loved my parents and my brothers, but that wasn’t really a love that I ever discovered. It was just always there. It was like oxygen. No one is surprised that they can breathe, it’s just this vital component of our lives that exists all around us from the very second we’re born.

Falling in love with Mia was like discovering this part of me that had always existed, but I’d just never known about before. Like one day I’d woken up and found that I had three arms. Or that I could speak another language. To borrow a metaphor from Mia’s favourite film The Matrix, it was like I was Neo getting plugged into the Matrix and suddenly I knew kung-fu.

Realising I loved Mia shocked me.

I’ve found being in love hard. I know that sounds daft, but when I uncovered this wonderful new thing, I spent a long time being scared that I might lose it. I spent even longer being scared that Mia might not love me. I’m angry at that fear I felt, because it wasted time and, as with all fear, it never actually changed anything.

I will always remember the moment when Mia agreed to give me surfing lessons. I’d surfed since I was three and competed in a few local championships, but when I saw that Mia was offering lessons, I conveniently forgot all about that and she took me on as what she thought was an eager apprentice.

In our second lesson the waves were all choppy and foam. We were waiting in the surf for a decent set to come in and our boards were touching. Mia raised herself up on her board and asked me how long I’d surfed for. At that point, several lies queued up on my tongue, but I found myself telling her the truth. She laughed and said she was still going to charge me for the lessons.

We went for a drink later that day and I explained to Mia that I’d not known how to get to spend time with her and I tried to convince her that I wasn’t weird. Typical Mia, she ignored what I was saying with a wave of her hand and kissed me. We’ve been together ever since.

Find that love, people.

Occasionally, people ask me if it bothers me that Mia is older than me and I tell them that I’ve never noticed. The honest truth is that I think it’s strange that people feel that there’s an age that you can love. If you’re 29, you can only love a 29-year-old? People in their forties have to love people in their forties? Why?

It’s not about an age, it’s about love, and Mia is the love that found me. If I shut myself off to that because of a number, then that is disrespectful to love. If love finds you, you welcome it in, it doesn’t matter about numbers or colours or sizes, it’s love!

I promised myself, and Mia, that I wouldn’t speak for too long today. I want to thank our parents and families for joining us on this day. We love you and we want you to feel that viscerally.

To our friends, we want you to know that we feel the love from you, and we are reflecting that back to you. We also want to thank love for being here in this place today and for filling our hearts with this amazing oxygen, this beautiful new arm, this incredible kung-fu – we have found you and we are not letting go!

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand and raise your glasses. Here’s to finding that love.

Written by Andrew Shanahan, Speechy writer

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GAY BRIDE SPEECH – Delivered by Alex

BACKGROUND: Alex has married Yesenia in a Humanist ceremony led by Alex’s friend Amanda. The couple live in rural Indiana and met through work.  

Hi everyone, thank you all so much for coming. Today is obviously such an important day for us both, and to share it with you all makes it all the more special.

We fully understand that we’ve dragged you into the forest in the middle of winter, but on the plus side you will get to see the hilarious sight of two famously uncoordinated people attempting to slow dance later, so every cloud, as they say.

Now, there was a time in my life where I honestly thought that I’d never find myself getting married. And truthfully, I was over the moon with it. There’s nothing more I used to love than locking myself indoors and reading a book with my cat, Martin. Or, to use his full name, Martin McWhiskers the Second. Who, if I’m honest, I’d always considered my soulmate. Well, also Rihanna, but she’s less easily lured into your bed with a tin of tuna and a belly rub.

Ultimately, I was happy on my own, and, not only that, dating felt hard. If you log onto Grindr in rural Indiana, you get two people [TA1] and one’s likely to be a weird straight couple looking for a ‘third’.

So, the dating scene felt like a no-go zone, and Martin and I were fine with that ­– after all, he made it very clear that other guests weren’t welcome in our home when Aunt Fay stayed over for the weekend and Martin urinated in her shoes.

Then one day, with dating firmly out of my thoughts, I got an email from a new food supplier saying they were in town and hoping to meet for a chat about ‘refrigeration supply chain solutions’.

Like something out of a Jane Austen book, right?

We booked a meeting a few days later, and when Yesenia arrived, she bounded into my office – read: table closest to the pastries at Starbucks – with that beaming smile and carefree attitude, and I was hooked. We spent two minutes talking about how best to keep ‘bread chilled in transit’ and then two hours talking about our lives, hobbies, things we love and things we don’t.

As soon as she left, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I just had this feeling that ‘this feels like the type of girl I could scroll through Twitter next to in bed’. So, I immediately booked a second meeting under the spurious guise of ‘discussing competitive pricing structures’. Now I say that out loud, it’s no wonder I was single for seven years.

Before our second meeting, I was speaking to Amanda and nervously waffling ­– ‘How will I know if she’s into me?’, ‘I’m not even sure she’s gay?’ – when my wonderful friend Amanda [TA2] stopped me and said ‘If she likes you, she’ll find some way to show you’.

Fast forward to our second meeting and Yesenia turned up in her car loudly playing ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman and I thought, well, that’s a sign.

From there, there was no looking back. We hung out, we dated, we went for walks and, most importantly, when she first stayed over, Martin didn’t urinate in her shoes. In fact, not only that, but it seems like Yesenia is the only other person he actually likes. Which could mean one of two things: either Martin is a good judge of character, or Yesenia and I both smell like ham.

The fact we run meat supplies companies maybe suggests the latter. Although what matters most is that when I’m at home, I’ve got my two favourites by my side, Martin and Yesenia.

To be honest, from the first few dates, I knew that being with Yesenia, there was an ease around her that I’d never experienced before. A sort of low hum of contentedness that permeated everything we did together. But I didn’t expect things to move quite as quickly as they did.

We’d probably been seeing each other for a month when we went out for dinner, and Yesenia casually mentioned that the lease on her house was due to expire, and she had to find somewhere else to live. Then without even thinking, I said ‘Oh, you should come and live with me’.

I shocked myself. Normally, I wouldn’t let someone even pop round for a coffee unless I’d had signed references from three acquaintances and a current employer. But it wasn’t just the uncharacteristic impulsiveness that shocked me, it was also my absolute certainty that this was the right thing to do.

The feeling that this was not only a good choice, but the only choice. Obviously though I didn’t want to seem too keen, so I quickly followed it up with a flustered ‘Just until you find somewhere else… or whatever’.

But I was certain it was the right thing.

She moved in, and to this day still hasn’t found ‘somewhere else… or whatever’. Which I think constitutes a win.

Everything has always been fast and instinctive with Yesenia and me. From dating to moving in together. And getting engaged was no different.

There is no huge, romantic engagement story with roses and grand gestures. We were just in bed one evening, me reading a book, her doing a crossword, and both of us feeling that low hum of contentedness. When she took my hand, placed a ring on my finger and said ‘Fancy it?’.

Of course, I did. In fact, again, it felt like the only possible choice. Obviously though I didn’t say that, I said [strange crying noises].

I think what I’m trying to get at, is how immediately perfect my time with Yesenia has always felt. Before I met her, I couldn’t see a future where I wasn’t on my own. And now I can’t envisage a future where we’re not together.

So, with that in mind, I’d like you all to join me in raising a toast my best friend. And simply the greatest person I know: Mrs Yesenia Ortega-Miller!

Speech written by Ed Amsden and Tom Coles, Speechy writers

JOINT RHYMING SPEECH – Delivered by Selena and Eilidh

BACKGROUND: They live in Brisbane.    

EILIDH:                          Ladies and gentlemen, there’s so much to say.

SELENA:                         So we’ll start with a thank you for coming today.

EILIDH:                          It just means the world to have you all here.

SELENA:                         And to be in the company of those we hold dear.

EILIDH:                          Now, you may notice we’re taking one line at a time…

SELENA:                         And doing the whole thing as one giant rhyme…

EILIDH:                          But you know us – we’re not ones to stick to tradition,

SELENA:                         So here’s our joint wedding speech: poem edition.

EILIDH:                          When we told my brother that this was our plan,

                                      John started to doubt saying ‘yes’ to best man.

SELENA:                         He said we were mad, but we vowed we would show him

                                      And prove young John wrong with our wedding day poem.

EILIDH:                          Let’s start with a few words on our congregation,

                                      Who’ve travelled so far to this destination.

SELENA:                         From New Zealand and Asia and Europe they’ve sailed,

                                      Over land, sea and air, these heroes travailed.

EILIDH:                          To be here today, you’ve achieved a great feat!

SELENA:                         Except my Mum and Dad, who live just down the street.

EILIDH:                          Truly though, thank you all for attending,

                                      And for all the support and love you’ve been sending.

SELENA:                         It hasn’t been easy, planning a wedding

                                      With a woman who doesn’t know how to wash her own bedding…

EILIDH:                          On the flipside, Selena won’t change a bedsheet,

                                      Without consulting her ‘laundry and chores’ spreadsheet.

SELENA:                         Between us, we make quite an opposite pair…

EILIDH:                          I mean, for starters, she has fabulous hair.

SELENA:                         And unlike me, Eilidh knows how to drive.

EILIDH:                          I guess differences keep the attraction alive.

SELENA:                         But since the day we met, right back in Year Nine,

                                      I knew that this scrawny young girl would be mine.

EILIDH:                          It took me a while to think the same thing,

                                      But as soon as I did, I purchased a ring.

SELENA:                         I said yes right away, then ‘What took you so long?’

EILIDH:                          And I realised I’d actually known all along.

                                      That Selena and I were destined to be,

                                      That she was my ‘one’

SELENA:                         …Like she was to me.

EILIDH:                          So, join us by raising your glasses in toast,

SELENA:                         To a couple who are more ambitious than most,

                                      Who write speeches in couplets just to prove someone wrong.

EILIDH:                          Good job John never said, ‘Bet you can’t do a song’.

SELENA:                         Now yes, raise your glasses,

EILIDH:                          And try not to blub

SELENA:                         As we raise a toast to you all

EILIDH:                          And the people we love

BOTH:                           [raise glasses]

Written by Ed Amsden and Tom Coles, Speechy writers

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