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Letter to the Bride on Your Wedding Day

Letter to the Bride on Your Wedding Day

Yes, we at Speechy might be experts at wedding speeches. But we also have a soft spot for wedding day letters, which are basically mini-speeches when you think of it. The warm-up to the headline act later on!

We love them because, like any good speech, they’re quick, can be funny and will also make your loved one feel extra special. Plus you don’t even need to read it out loud. Win-win!

So if you want your bride to have all the feels on the morning of her big day, follow the steps below for the perfect start to your wedding.

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What exactly is a wedding letter?

In case you’re not familiar with what a wedding day letter is, it’s basically a handwritten note which your bride will open on the morning of the wedding – usually when you’re not there.

It’s a nice touch to kick off the most memorable day of your life. Especially as the note will include all the reasons she’s so special to you, as well as explaining how excited you are for the day ahead and the rest of your lives together, even if you’re not spending the morning together.

It should be sweet, but it doesn’t have to be soppy if that’s not you. Keep it funny!

However you write it, a wedding day letter is a perfect memento from the day. So remember – there’s every chance this is going to be framed and mounted on your living room wall… Just as an added incentive to make it extra special.

Don’t leave this to a-last-minute-night-before job.

Instead, take your time, a good few weeks before the wedding and think about what you want to say.

As a basic guide…

  • tell her how excited you are to see her later that day
  • explain you might not have enough time in the day to privately tell her how much she means to you but this is your chance
  • tell her why she means the world to you and that you can’t wait for her to be your wife

When you’ve nailed your final draft, no matter how bad your handwriting is, this is one letter that needs to be hand-written.

Invest in some ‘nice’ stationary (A4 printer paper won’t cut it, mate) and even a decent pen if red biro is all you have in the house. 

Finally, if this is going to be a surprise, arrange for a family member to ‘deliver’ it to your bride on the morning of your wedding. Her mum, or if you already have children together, they could be a cute postal service. 

Following the basic structure above and you can’t go wrong. Other inspo to consider…


You’re allowed to wallow in nostalgia on your wedding day – so reminiscence about the stuff that means something to you both but didn’t make your groom speech. As you’ve probably already realised, sometimes those truly special moments don’t translate into something a wider audience can appreciate. 

So, maybe remind her about the moment you met. Or maybe, tell her about when you really fell in love with her? A story about how nervous you were for your first date – and how much more nervous/excited you are today. Or maybe it’s even a story about the first morning you spent together?

Ultimately, you want to bring a smile to her face and take her away from the stress of getting ready for a moment (yes, it can be stressful for a bride!). Remind her that the day is actually all about love, rather than any issues related to false eyelashes or bad weather. 


End with some future ambitions for you as a couple. Today is the start of one big adventure so what do you want to be part of it?

Consider everything from the micro to the macro. From continuing your search for the ultimate chocolate pizza recipe to travelling around five continents together. Whatever your #CoupleGoals, it’s time to get her excited about them.


Obviously, tell her how much you love her but don’t just list empty romantic adjectives. It doesn’t feel personal. 

Instead think about the small, individual things that make her ‘her’. Reveal her unique quirks that make you smile and love her more.

Get inspired by that Harry Met Sally quote where Harry lists everything he loves about Sally. Nothing fancy, nothing poetic but just pure love.


Yes, if you’re struggling to find much meaningful to say, refer to people wiser and wittier than yourself.

Whilst plagiarism is never allowed, quoting people is! And sometimes you’ll find other folk manage to nail that elusive sentiment you were hunting.

Check out our Groom Speech Quotes for some ideas. Bonus points if you find a quote from a song, book or film that is meaningful to you both.


These can be as silly as you like. You promise to always put enough water in the kettle for two, as opposed to just making a cup of tea for yourself. Or you promise to let her choose the next series on Netflix. Whatever makes you you, include it!


‘When I squeeze your hand later, it’s because I can’t blooming believe you’re my wife’.

It’s a cute little idea that will ensure you have an intimate connection and lots of secret moments in amongst the craziness of the day.

How Speechy Can Help You…

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