Master of Ceremonies

Hey that’s you. You are the goddamn Master of Ceremonies. Hell yeah.

Despite an etiquette industry suggesting otherwise, there’s no rule book on how to have a wedding. (Well there is, there’s hundreds, but ignore them). A wedding is all about what you blooming love (ideally each other and probably crème brulee). You decide what goes and that includes who speaks and who says what at your wedding (and yes mum, that means no moaning about the lack of chair covers).

We’re in favour of keeping the day relaxed and informal but inevitably there does need to be a bit of coordination. Either the groom can take that on (the Bride has a dress to worry about) or get a mate to take on a bit of MCing. Basically their job is to introduce the speakers and know what’s going on.

The MC should not get confused and think they’re giving a speech; a couple of lines introducing who the speakers are and ending with a quip (perhaps a running gag). After the final speaker the MC can direct the guests to the next part of the day or let them know what’s happening when. Personally we prefer to leave guests in the dark and scare them when the Dreamboys come out.


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