Groom speech

Rhyming Groom Speech

Rhyming Groom Speech

Want to praise your wife in a way perhaps an ordinary speech doesn’t allow you to? Well, many grooms these days are now writing rhyming speeches.

Wedding poems follow the same structure of a typical groom speech, but have the added bonus of sounding rhythmically satisfying. Audiences love them, we love them and – most importantly – your wife will love one. You can even frame it as a keepsake – aww.

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If you’re not quite sure exactly what a rhyming speech for a groom looks like, here are a couple of examples.

You don’t have to do everything in verse form. But this groom does, and does so well. He introduces the poem in rhyme, thanks the father-of-the-bride, the best man and everyone else in rhyme. Then, of course, he pays tribute to his wife in verse.

He gets plenty of laughs, helped by the fact that the story of how they met is really funny. Although the speech is five minutes long, it doesn’t feel like it’s dragging at any point. It’s excellent!

Our second example is a little different. It doesn’t tell the story of how they met. Instead, this couple clearly love their films and TV (as does the crowd by the reactions) and so compares their love to increasingly clever parallels on the big and small screen. There are some great jokes and references and it’s a really fun way of showing there’s no one way to write a rhyming speech.

Rhyming Groom Speech Rules

That’s what they look like, but how do you write yours? Well, there are a few rules to follow…

  1. Treat it like a normal groom speech! – It’s worth checking out our guide on how to write the perfect groom speech because, despite it being a poem, you can still encompass everything in there. The groom typically thanks everyone for coming, then thanks all the important members of the wedding party before saluting the most important – his bride. You can choose to keep the introduction and the thanks separate to the poem – that’s up to you, but otherwise keep the speech content the same for a rhyme as you would for a typical speech in prose.
  2. Keep it simple! – If it was us, we’d stick to the typical, funny poem structures. AABB (four-line verses within which each couplet rhymes), ABAB (four-line verses where alternate lines rhyme) or AABBA (which is typical of limericks. Just make sure it’s a clean limerick…).
  3. Don’t write too many verses! – A typical groom speech is five or six minutes long. But you don’t have to write a poem that goes on this long. Two or three minutes of poetry is perfect, as you’ll probably spend a couple of minutes setting it up anyway – as the grooms in the examples above do. As with all good groom speeches, just choose the A grade material about your wife.
  4. Don’t panic if you get stuck! – Everyone does it. No writer can just knock out gold in one go – even the best ones. Go on a walk, do some exercise, have a bath! Push it to the back of your mind an inspiration will strike when you least expect it.
  5. Read the poem out loud! – And do it a lot! Once you’ve written it, you’ll need to practice it and the best way to do it is actually reading it. Not just to practice your delivery, but to make sure everything really does rhyme and fit into the rhythm. Once confident enough, try it again but in front of a friend or family member. You’ll nail it in no time.

Speechy’s Groom Poem Example

Following our advice, you’ll be able to write the perfect groom wedding poem in no time. However, if you’d like to see how one actually looks written down, here’s an example.

Say your wife works in recruitment… you could write a fun poem based around how YOU got the job of being husband.

In a bar in Northampton I met this recruiter.

Soon after I thought ‘I think I might suit her’…

To my surprise, she gave me an interview,

Though this was probably helped by a Jäger or two.

The big day came, I was nervous, not calm,

I knocked over the wine and it spilt on her arm.

I made a fool of myself, couldn’t shut my gob.

But, yet, somehow she gave me the job.

In the ten years since I’ve been committed and keen,

Even if I don’t always keep the shower clean.

Everything’s easy, I never get cross.

Just some of the perks when you sleep with the boss.

I’m so happy I met you, as is clear from this letter.

Although to this day, I think you could’ve found someone better.

You’re the perfect bride, that is plain to see.

Signed, your new husband and happy employee.

You can make the poem as funny or as emotional as you like but, if we were to suggest a balance, we prefer if it’s further towards the funny side.

Either way, however you do it, if you follow the above steps, your wedding poem will turn out perfectly and, perhaps, you won’t just discover you make a good husband, but you could also be the next Keats.

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