Speech Cue Cards and Prompts

Clients always ask us whether they should use wedding speech cue cards or notes. The answer is… ta dah … completely up to you but we’d highly recommend it.

Of course, if you memorise your speech it will inevitably help your delivery but have cue cards or notes just in case, as, trust us here, standing in front of a hundred-odd family and friends is much more intimidating than a business presentation. Especially when you have to be funny.

Even actors have notes when they accept an award and those folk are paid to remember words!

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Tips for Using Speech Cue Cards

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Some people can work from bullet points but the nuances of comedy can often get lost.

If your speech in littered with asides and subtleties (we kinda like them that way) then you may find it easier to have your complete speech printed on nice paper (you know the type you buy in Paperchase and don’t nick from the office).

The key is a good text size and clear spacing of text. Put paragraph spacing where you expect a laugh so you’re forced to pause and establish eye contact with people. Remember people like a moment to let the joke sink in so force yourself not to rush.

Start a new page where there is a change of direction, for example, moving on from a story and starting to thank people.

Also only use the top half of the paper (if it’s A4) so that your head remains upright and it’s easier for you to maintain eye contact with the guests (rather than looking down at the text). That’s a little tip we stole from Obama’s speechwriter and we think it works a treat.

Any Cue Card No-Nos?

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As long as you’re not reading from your phone (far too casual for a wedding – even the boho variety) then cue card etiquette is generally subjective.

We prefer using A4 paper but A5 card is fine too.

Any Clever Cue Card Tips?

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Sure. The best trick is to make your wedding speech cue cards seem part of the speech. Could your notes be the ‘prosecution’s evidence’, or could they be the groom’s job application to become the new Bond? It’s easy to ‘legitimise’ reading your notes as long as you introduce them right.

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