Comrades, the wedding toast revolution has begun.

It’s time to put down the boring clichés, forget about the etiquette books and wave goodbye to that ‘health and happiness’ nonsense.

These days our toasts need to be tastier. They need more energy, they need to be drunk with enthusiasm, and, crucially, they need a slice of lime.

Clooney and Amal signed up to the cause. They downed Casamigos Tequila at their wedding and that means #tequilatoasts is officially ‘a thing’.

For the uninitiated, let us explain…

Wedding Toast


A #tequilatoast isn’t just about ditching the Champagne (ok, Prosecco for you cheap lot at the back), it’s about the attitude of tequila. It’s about creating a memorable moment as opposed to just doing what’s expected and reciting the usual clichés.

It’s being a bit daring, possibly even, a little bit naughty. It’s having a massive smile on your face and spreading that to others. It’s ensuring a great speech isn’t let down by a boring toast.


The one rule is your #tequilatoast must be completely original. It doesn’t need to be complicated or overly clever but it has to be lovingly crafted by you (or at least some toasty experts like us). Here’s some examples – ‘Please raise your glass to…

  • …a marriage that will hopefully have the passion of Taylor & Burton, the longevity of Elizabeth & Philip and the bank balance of Kanye & Kim. To happy unions’ Father of the bride speech
  • …Tim Berners-Lee. Inventing the internet was always going to be cool but surely, its biggest achievement is helping me find you. To Tim Bernes-Lee.’ Groom speech (based on the couple’s internet dating history
  • …my mum and dad. A couple who prove that love can last long enough to still be dancing together 35 years later. To long lasting love.’ Bride speech
wedding toast


Well we’d highly recommend tequila. We’re just about to undertake some extensive research into which brand and we’ll let you know ASAP.

There’s certainly plenty of sophisticated flavours out there to keep even the most discerning mother of the bride smiling, whether it’s a caramel, cinnamon, chocolate or lemon flavour you opt for.

Of course, a #tequilatoast has many cousins; a whisky toast, a goldschlager toast or indeed the old school Champagne option. We’ve even known couples to toast with their favourite tipple, the Scottish classic, Irn Bru! The crucial thing is that it has to be drunk with a big fat smile.

#TEQUILLATOASTS – Do us a flavour

A cool little idea; create a proper moment with your #tequilatoast by getting personalised shot glasses for your guests. We found some on Etsy. Surprisingly affordable and a favour your guests might actually use.

Wedding Speech Favours

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