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As the wedding mags will testify this is the year of the wedding speechwriter. We’re officially ‘a thing’; the linguistic equivalent of those dance teachers who train engaged folk how to foxtrot to Pharrell.

We’re here to help you create a special moment – something that will kick start the party with a bang and possibly inspire a lifelong memory.

Why use a wedding speechwriter?

Unless you’re one of those people who’re naturally witty (using memes or emojis does not count!) using a wedding speech writer makes sense. It also makes life a whole lot easier. Quite simply, we’re blooming good at wedding speeches and why wouldn’t you want some help?!

We are ‘excellent’ rated on Trustpilot and our advice has been quoted everywhere from The New York Times and The Guardian.

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What’s so special about Speechy?

There are a lot of wedding speech writers out there but we create speeches that are a little less ordinary.

We’re an elite team of renegade TV scriptwriters & professional storytellers by trade. We’re now devoted to making wedding speeches better.

We hate clichés, platitudes, and being boring. We want to create speeches that truly reflect the couple they’re celebrating and create a magical moment people will remember.

Whether it’s a hipster London bash, a gay wedding in California, or a second wedding in Sardinia we love making your speech great

The Speechy team

The writing team are all BBC trained.

  • Heidi has worked with people such as Richard Hammond, Sharon Osbourne, Mel Giedroyc and David Mitchell.
  • James was awarded the BBC Comedy Bursary and has written for loads of comedy series such as Dead Ringers and Horrible Histories.
  • Claire is on the BBC Talent Hotlist and has been shortlisted for the Edinburgh TV Festival Ones to Watch.

For the full download, check out our Team Biog.

What makes Speechy different to other wedding speech writers?

  • We have proven pedigree & remain on the BBC Hotlist of writing talent
  • We’re a team of guys and gals so we have first hand experience of knowing what the bride, groom, rugby boys and Pinot girls want to hear in a wedding speech.
  • We believe four heads are better than one. We’ll always select the most suitable writer for your speech – but we’ll all have an input into the ideas.
  • We hate ‘standard wedding speeches’ with a passion. We pride ourselves in creating truly original speeches for our clients. No two sentences are ever the same.
  • We know how to get the best from you and we write speeches that sound like ‘you’ (only better)

How does the Bespoke Speech Service Work?

Easy – and fully detailed on Bespoke Speech page. Of course, you can check out our home page to find out about all the other services and products we offer, including our templates and review service.

Who do we work with?

Anyone who wants to give an amazing speech at a wedding.

We obviously work with the standard line up but we also work with brides, mums, maids of honour – as well as more usual roles such as father of the groom. We also love helping couples deliver joint speeches (which, by the way, are always fantastic!).

Rest assured though, whoever we work with will remain a secret…

How Speechy Can Help You…

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Give us a call if you want to find out more about how we work, the services we offer and our DELIGHT GUARANTEE.

We’re happy to give you 15 mins of our time with no obligation to work with us.

WhatsApp us, call Heidi on 07971 224 245email hello@speechy.co.uk or request a callback.

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