The Speechy team have deep-dived into the internet to find the best wedding vows around, so you don’t have to.

These six videos will give you a flavour of the personal, the extravagant, the heartfelt and (our speciality!) the funny, to help spark inspiration for your big day.

The Themed Vows

This is the only time the two of you are going to stand together and pledge your love and commitment in front of your closest friends and family. So, hey, you might as well make it meaningful to you!

You may not love Doctor Who as much as these two, who I’m pretty sure sleep in a Tardis bed with Dalek pyjamas on, but have a think about a way to personalise your vows and help make it a day you’ll never forget.

The Poetic Vows

If you or your partner has a way with words, or a natural performer’s charm, there’s always this guy’s approach. Sure, you might not have quite this much charisma (does anyone?), but making your vows your own is about tailoring them to your personality, your style and the things your friends and family love about you.

In this guy’s case, the ability to absolutely smash an autobiographical wedding day beat-poem.

The Tear-Jerker Vows

A little personal humour goes a long way. Marriages are based on the ability to laugh (both with and, of course, at each other), so why not kick the whole thing off with a few jokes? You don’t have to be professional comedians to poke a bit of fun at yourselves, and if your relationship is full of laughter, then why not make your wedding the same?

Writing vows behind each other’s backs is a great way to add a little surprise to your big day. And not one of those bad surprises like the celebrant face-planting the wedding cake, or your Mother-in-law turning up in a bridal dress.

The Oscar-Worthy Vows

OK, we admit, the budget on this wedding video is insane. Pretty sure these two have hired Stephen Spielberg as their videographer.

But that aside, this personal, funny, heartwarming video sum up everything we love about wedding vows. They’re an opportunity to show a slice of your relationship, tell your spouse how you feel about them and, let’s face it, show off how blimmin’ romantic you are.

The Inspirational Vows

Another Spielbergian blockbuster here, but these lightly-funny, confident vows are an example of how talking about yourself doesn’t have to be self-indulgent. Remember, everyone is there for you. They want to hear about how you make each other laugh, smile and everything else. Well maybe not everything else. Some topics aren’t for a wedding day.

Which brings us onto our final example.

How not to do it.

Vows Gone Wrong

So to avoid having a waffly embarrassing time at the altar, think of ways to make your vows your own, ways to entertain your audience the right way, and ways to make this a day you’ll never forget.

If you’d like any more tips on writing or delivering your vows, we’d love to hear from you. But until then, get saving up for Spielberg. You better get started on pre-production now if you want your wedding vid eligible for next year’s OSCARs, after all.

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