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First, decide who’s going to be giving the groom speech. You? Him? Or, even better, do it together.

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Yes, your wedding day is incredibly emotionally overwhelming. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a laugh.

As opposed to starting in an overly soppy way, this speech starts as it means to go on – immediately launching into a funny story about how they first met and comparing their love to the alien breaking out of John Hurt’s stomach in Alien.

Then, bam! In comes the emotional stuff at the end, which is the best way of doing it, as it lulls the audience in and – if you’ve already made them laugh – affords you more time to say whatever you like.

When googling the best wedding videos, you’ll find plenty of slickly produced compilations of wedding days – from the ceremony to the speeches to the dancing.

This, from America, is an excellent example of one. Sure, the speeches three minutes on are technically vows, but they work just like speeches, and you can learn a lot from them. In, particular, the second groom gets in a few laughs early on by revealing he thought his husband’s name was Robert for far too long.

Sure, same-sex marriages have only existed since 2014, but this is as close to a ‘traditional’ groom speech as possible.

A good balance between emotional and funny. Even when it looks like he’s going to get soppier, he manages to find something funny in some tough topics. He even manages to fit in a dig about Katie Price.

We like the way the speech starts, with a good list of the things he was told not to talk about and then doing the opposite. Plus he gets in an ‘on behalf of my husband and I’ which is an easy win EVERYONE should do.

Two small criticisms though, if we may. We at Speechy think you should maybe wait until after the speeches to hand out gifts, just because it slows it down. And secondly, it’s a little too long. 

You’ll probably struggle to find too many other gay, military wedding speeches on the internet. And the groom acknowledges this from the beginning. It’s only short, but your speech doesn’t have to be days long! He thanks everyone for attending, pays tribute to his husband and the unusual circumstances around them in one and a half minutes. Done!

If your circumstances are less than ordinary, address them! They’ll be the elephant in the room otherwise and, if they are unique, will make for a memorable speech.

Again, beautifully produced, this time we head to Australia. The snippets of the speeches we hear are highly emotionally charged. There’s no doubting it’s moving and heartfelt. But this isn’t necessarily going to be for everyone.

However, after the struggles this couple have been through, it sums them up perfectly. So, if this is really how you feel and the audience knows this, then there’s no danger in speaking from the heart.

There really aren’t enough gay groom speeches on the internet, so here are a couple of other gay wedding speeches we particularly like. Firstly, this short and sweet tribute from a mother to her gay son.

The ’thanks for coming out’ hook is perfect. And although it lasts less than two minutes, what else is there to say? It’s smart, funny and perfectly delivered.

Not sure you can deliver yours as excellently as she does? Try our all new speechy delivery service, and you’ll be a natural in no time.

Again, it’s not a groom speech, but this father of the groom address is brilliant. Funny, really eloquent and timely given the context. It’s nine minutes long, but that flies by. Exceptional!

Hopefully, you’ll have picked up plenty of tips from this. But for more, please head over to Speechy’s gay groom advice page. And whatever you do – upload your speech to the internet. There’s not nearly enough for other grooms to learn from!

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