wedding speech examples

Great Wedding Speech Examples

Great Wedding Speech Examples

When it comes to planning your wedding speech line up, there’s lots of different types of speech to consider.

Have a think about these great wedding speech examples and get inspired.

The Surprising Wedding Speech

We love hearing a speech from someone who isn’t part of the usual line up.

One couple asked the bride’s 84 year old grandad to say a few words. They didn’t want him to get stressed about giving a formal speech so simply asked him to reveal his top five tips for a happy marriage. On the day he made everyone smile with a perfect mix of cheek, insight and nonsense. One of his tips included ‘no number twos in front of each other’. Even the best man couldn’t have gotten away with that.

Kids are also a great way to add humour to the speeches, as well as the cute factor. Get them to give you marriage advice too. We guarantee it will be priceless.

The Joint Speech

Whether it’s a bride and groom speech or a same sex speech – joint speeches are a wedding trend that’s set to stay. It’s a great way of saying, BOOM, we’re a team. And who doesn’t love a double act?

It also makes a lot of sense – you both get to thank your friends and family, and you can practise without feeling the need to hide away in a cupboard.

Find out how to write and deliver a joint speech. 

The Funny Wedding Speech  

Of course all speeches should be funny but some stand out.

One of the funniest speeches we’ve heard was a head-to-head between the best man and maid of honour where they debated who had lost the better friend. The bride and groom were then pitted against each other in different categories like ‘drinking ability’, ‘DIY skills’ and ‘comedic appearance’. The fact the best man and maid of honour couldn’t stop laughing throughout the speech only added to the comedy.

Read out blog on how to write a truly funny speech without resorting to google gags.

The Heartfelt Wedding Speech

Guests want tears (they’re demanding like that) and it’s great to have an emotional epicentre to the day.

Careful though, a sentimental speech should NOT contain any clichés and platitudes. It shouldn’t pretend the bride is a Princess (unless of course it’s Jack Brooksbank marrying Eugenie). It needs to be genuine and unique.

One of the sweetest speeches we’ve heard was a dad who delivered a speech that was less than three minutes long. He didn’t bother giving us a chronological run down of his daughter’s achievements – instead he cut straight to the chase and listed the reasons he loved her. Those insights included ‘tolerating my love of Bruce Springstein in the car’, ‘buying me a nose trimmer’, and ‘making me smile whenever you come home’. It was one of our favourite ever speeches.

The Revealing Wedding Speech

We love a speech which lets everyone in on a secret. One bride got everyone smiling (and a few people crying) when, during her speech, she called a waiter over, requested a cheese toastie with peanut butter and revealed to the guests that she was three months pregnant.

Obviously conceiving is a bit much when it comes to gathering good content but there’s other options. A classic was the groom who confessed to his in-laws that he’d been seeing their daughter for six months prior to them knowing. He then amused the audience with tales of his undercover antics, even managing to get the in-laws laughing too!

The Spontaneous ‘Speech’

We’ve been to a couple of weddings which haven’t had any formal speeches but have been inspired by countries where everyone is welcomed to give a toast throughout the meal.

It’s a fun idea which allows everyone to get involved without anyone feeling under pressure. People can choose to be sentimental or funny but every speech is short and sweet. Warning – it can become rather raucous the more alcohol is consumed!

Find out more about spontaneous speeches here.

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