Silver Anniversary Speech

anniversary speechCongratulations! You have made it 25 years of not only still loving someone, but actually liking them too. You may have missed out on the days of swiping through Tinder, but no doubt the beginning of your relationship looked a lot like standing next to the landline waiting for each other to call – and that deserves a celebratory speech in itself.

Whether you are one half of this happy couple or are honouring this successful relationship, you want to do all you can to sum up twenty five years of love and commitment in the perfect speech.

Use this as an opportunity to remind everyone that marriage can be just as romantic as a Nicholas Sparks novel. Perhaps even more so. You’ve had the opportunity to watch your favourite characters grow together and prove that, over time, love is more than something you cringe at in a cheesy Netflix series.

With all that being said, doing all of that in less than ten minutes can be quite the task, so Speechy are here to show you how easy it can be. Here’s everything you need to know about writing an unforgettable anniversary speech.

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How to write the perfect Silver Anniversary speech

  • Keep it short and sweet: Aim between 5-10 minutes and no more than 1,200 words.
  • Get reminiscent: You’ll have copious stories and anecdotes to share.
  • Honour your partner/the couple: Pay tribute to the little habits that have made this marriage what it is today.
  • The importance of humour: Humour can be the best way to show affection.
  • Shout out the special ones: Thank those who have helped support the relationship.
  • The sweet spot: Finish with a good old dose of sentimentality.
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Keep it short and sweet

The perfect start to a speech is taking a trip down memory lane and sharing stories that explore many years of memories. Reminiscing on old times will captivate the room in a way that generic compliments won’t.

It is important to remember that these anecdotes should be inclusive and not consist of inside jokes between you and the recipient – you want the room to relate and appreciate the person/couple they are celebrating.

Of course, a few confessions and surprises always go down a treat. Take a visit to the cornerstones of the relationship and hit the room with a ‘some of you may not remember this, but…’

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honour your partner/the couple

Whether you are celebrating your parents or your partner with this speech, you want to remind the room about how much you truly know them.

This is the perfect opportunity to hone in on your favourite quirks and traits about the person. Be it their secret relationship with the dog or the everlasting feud with the postman, the little habits don’t have to paint them out to be the perfect partner. If anything, declarations like these prove that you still love each other enough to taunt each other.

Reaching twenty-five years of marriage is a massive accomplishment, so ensure that you draw on the behaviours that have made this relationship an easier ride – even if there have been a few disputes throughout the years.

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The importance of humour

What’s an anniversary speech without plenty of laughter. Begin with an ice-breaker-like comparing the relationship to a prison sentence.

It is simpler than people think to craft unique comedy, as the ideal material is already at your fingertips. Forget overused jokes from the internet and recycled cliches that will make the room cringe, just speak candidly about the person/couple who is at the heart of the speech.

Exaggerate their traits, add some supportive evidence and tease them in a kind-hearted, friendly way that doesn’t break the boundary between funny and rude. Adding some self-deprecating humour if you’re part of the couple will also go down a treat-there are bound to be a few bad habits of your own that have made your partner question why they’ve tolerated you for so long.

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Shout out the special ones

Be sure to take a moment to thank those who have helped support the marriage throughout the years. Whether you have greatly received advice from your parents, a shoulder from your best friend or a witty comment from your children, ensure they are made aware that they are loved and appreciated.

The sweet spot

If all humour has landed well and there have been no threats of divorce, your audience will appreciate some timely sentiment to wrap up your speech. Acknowledge how important your partner/the couple is to everyone in the room and allow one more time to look back on twenty-five years’ worth of memories.

Conclude with the l-word and a toast ‘to many more happy years of loving each other’


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