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Believe it or not, wedding speech experts are a thing. Call us the new, contemporary version of the typical wedding planner!

Gone are the days of the wedding speeches being the most dreaded event of the day, these days everyone’s wanting to get involved. This is where we come in.

Speechy was established in 2015 by TV producer & director, Heidi Ellert-McDermott, who recruited a team of top-of-their-game scriptwriters to help people around the world deliver a better class of speech.

With many years of expertise and knowledge behind us, we are here to help you deliver a speech that is certain to kickstart the day with a bang.

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Our expertise

The Modern Couple's Guide wedding speeches adviceWe’ll be modest here and say we have absolutely tons of the stuff. Between us all here at Speechy, our expertise ranges from:

  • Decades writing for TV
  • Writing for Radio 4’s The New’s Quiz and CBBC’s BAFTA-winning Horrible Histories
  • A panelist & comedian on BBC Scotland’s Breaking the News
  • Directing people like Sharon Osbourne and Richard Hammond
  • Months in the BBC Writer Room
  • Ghost-writing for globally renewed comedians
  • One book – The Modern Couple’s Guide to Wedding SpeechesA wonderful book for couples who want to prepare a memorable speech and create something personalised for such a special occasion. Eleonora Tucci – Weddings & Honeymoon Media.
  • Quoted in the New York Times
  • Discussed on the Drew Barrymore Show
  • Featured in Grazia magazine

Our clients

Okay, that’s enough about us…what about you? The team at Speechy are down to work with everyone and anyone who want to deliver a perfect speech.

Our clients range from multi-millionaires, celebs and politicians to hairdressers and truck drivers. Basically, anyone who wants to deliver a damn fine speech.

Heidi Giving Her Wedding Speech

What a wedding speech expert can offer

The real question is, how do you want to work? Hopefully Speechy have a product/service to cater for every budget, writing ability and/or level of enthusiasm.

  • Templates: Our templates are the most affordable way to exploit our professional writing skills. They’re all cleverly designed to get the best out of you; using your personal material to craft genuine humour and sentiment rather than your typical cliches that many generic templates will provide you with.
  • Edit Service: Created your own speech but unsure if it’s actually any good? Why not get a pair of our expert eyes on it? Send us your speech and we’ll ditch the waffle and keep your thanks yous concise. We’ll ensure every line is punchy and guarantee that you’ll get your guests laughing.
  • Bespoke Speech Writing Service: This bespoke service will see you through from the beginning, right to the end. We get to know you, as well as your material. We talk over our ideas with you prior to writing the first draft and ensure your speech is tailored so that is sound truly ‘you’.
  • Delivery Coaching Service: As BBC trained TV directors, we’ve created the ultimate delivery coaching service so you can deliver your speech like a pro. Just a subtle brag, but we’ve worked with presenters like Richard Hammond and Sharon Osbourne so we know all the tricks of the trade to get the best out of people. This service combines written notes and rehearsal plan, as well as a MSTeams Coaching Session with Speechy TopDog Heidi Ellert-McDermott.
  • Luxe service: Want it all? We can offer you a ‘top table’ service and bespoke price. Church or carnival, straight or gay, Abergavenny or Auckland, we’ll help you add love, laughter, and something rather special to your wedding day.

We love working with our clients and bringing our the inner-storyteller that everyone has lurking within.

We promise guaranteed discretion. We appreciate you’re sharing very intimate information with us, and we don’t take that lightly.

Hopefully our Trustpilot reviews show we create strong relationships with our clients as well as top-notch speeches.

We’re always happy to chat and explore how we can best help you. We’re not salesy, so feel free to exploit our ideas in an exploration call.

wedding speech Heidi Ellert-McDermott Expert

Who are we

Enter Speechy’s TopDog and wedding speech expert: Heidi Ellert-McDermott.

After giving her own bride speech, she realised that a good speech had the potential to add an amazing moment to the wedding day. She also realised it was one of the few areas of wedding planning where brides and grooms lacked quality resources and help. Heidi then decided to recruit some speechwriters and viola, Speechy was born.

Over the past year, Heidi’s been quoted everywhere from The New York Times to The Telegraph. Her wedding speech advice has been featured in The Guardian, Radio 1, The Daily Mail and Huffington Post.

She has also written for most wedding mags & websites including – Rock n Roll Bride, Wedding Ideas and Hitched.

How we can work together

Get in touch if you want to find out more…

WhatsApp us, call Heidi on 07971 224 245or email hello@speechy.co.uk 

Or just dive straight into working with us…


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Published by Little, Brown and written by Speechy's  Heidi Ellert-McDermott, this modern speech guide is a must-have for all nearlyweds.


Expert advice on speech planning, writing and
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Ditch the Googled gags and cheesy clichés,
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