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wedding speech expert

If you’re looking for a wedding speech expert – this is your woman.  Heidi Ellert-McDermott.

Over the last year, she’s been quoted everywhere from The New York Times to The Telegraph. Her wedding speech advice has been featured in The Observer, Radio 1, The Daily Mail,and Huffington Post.

She was recently interviewed for Australia’s Studio 10 show (though it was quite late in her day, so she forgot to actually mention Speechy!).

She’s written for most wedding mags & websites including – Rock n Roll Bride, Wedding Ideas and You & Your Wedding.

And, she’s also just been commissioned to write a modern wedding speech guide, working with the awesome Little, Brown to release the title in the spring of 2023.

The Backstory

Heidi worked as a TV Producer for over a decade, writing scripts for people such as Richard Hammond, Dan Snow, Sharon Osbourne, Adrian Chiles, David Mitchell, Christine Bleakley and Mel Giedroyc.

She decided to set up Speechy after going to a few too many weddings where the speeches were appalling (one best man went on for 45 mins despite the heckling and another drunken best man double-act got asked to cut it short by the mum-of-the-bride).

After giving her own bride speech, she realised that a good speech had the potential to add an awesome moment to the wedding day. She also realised it was one of the few areas of wedding planning where brides and grooms lacked quality resources and help. She decided to recruit some fellow scriptwriters and Speechy was born.

Whilst juggling two little lunatics in primary school, she’s grown the business and now has a client base reaching around the world. Unlike a lot of wedding speech experts, Heidi is keen to ditch the outdated etiquette, powerpoint presentations and wedding-speech-‘humour’ that’s ruined so many speeches over the last decade.

Speechy team


As the founder and Top Dog @ Speechy the wedding speech writing service that’s crewed by a team of BBC-trained TV scriptwriters – Heidi has been on a mission since 20215 to make wedding speeches less clichéd and a bit more blooming brilliant.

The Speechy team has now written speeches for hundreds of happy clients around the world – from Chief Execs of FTSE100 companies to celebs and some very average people in between, and the team are proud to have an ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating.

Heidi is passionate about making weddings better for the bystanders.

Heidi Giving Her Wedding Speech

Story Ideas

Looking for a bit of content-inspo? Inspiring? Controversial? Funny? Let us know…

#THE RISE OF THE WEDDING SPEECH WRITER –Yes, wedding speech writers are officially a ‘thing’, and judging from the US stats, wedding speech ghostwriters are going to become much more popular over the next few years.

With a price tag of £495 for a bespoke speech, Speechy is increasingly being used by discerning couples as opposed to desperate best men. But is it cheating?!?

#THISBRIDEWILL– We’re big believers in shaking up the traditional speech lineup. We work with a growing number of brides and mums – check out our #thisbridewill campaign. We’re keen to make sure that brides aren’t left with the scraps of speeches.

#MODERN SPEECH ETIQUETTE – Sounds boring but we’ve got lots of speech hacks that will transform a wedding. To get a taste of what we mean have a look at some of our Speech Rules or Groom Speech Advice. Find out why we’ve banned the words ‘soulmate’ and ‘beautiful’ and why we want our clients to cut down on the thank yous.

#SPEECH TRENDS   – Joint speeches, spontaneous speeches – as wedding season kicks off this wedding speech expert has plenty of ideas to get brides and grooms thinking.

wedding speech writer

WhatsApp us, call Heidi on 07971 224 245, email hello@speechy.co.uk or request a callback.

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