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Over the years we’ve seen all kinds of trends come and go in the wedding world and roughly seventy-eight billion unique, wedding-themed hashtags. But if you want to stay ahead of the curve, here are some very modern wedding trends you and your partner could employ for your big day.

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Scented Weddings

You’ve got the colour theme, you’ve got the personalised menu, what next? Your signature wedding scent, of course.

Yes, this year we’re seeing couples creating their very own smell and branding their wedding with it — everything from infusing the invites to scented candles on the day.

Smells are, apparently, just as powerful in evoking memories as photos. A quick sniff of lavender and you could be whisked back to your special day. Just make sure you keep it subtle – nobody wants to be overpowered and pass out before they’ve seen you walk down the aisle.

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Flower Grannies

There’s nothing more adorable than a flower girl at a wedding. Except, perhaps, a flower granny. Yep, that’s right, the coolest accessory you can have to walk down the aisle to this year is… your gran!

Apparently, it all started a couple of years back at a wedding in Tennessee. The grandmas stole the show, and it’s been a must-have trend ever since.

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Outfit Changes

Sure, your wedding may not have the budget of the Superbowl. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be as much of a spectacle!

Brides with a high-end budget are doing a Meghan and changing before the evening’s partying into something a bit more glam. Expect jumpsuits, crop tops and pockets, without that pesky train getting in the way!

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Cutting Edge Food Stations

This is no picnic. Nowadays, the more high end a ‘grazing’ table becomes, the closer it comes to being art rather than food.

Expect tasty vegan munchies and lots of nibbles you haven’t previously heard of. There may even be a food bar ‘artist’ to help you fondue.

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Pampus Grass

Previously associated with the suburban swinging scene in the seventies, pampas grass is a big fashion trend at high-end weddings – either in floral displays or spectacular wedding arches to frame the couple during the ceremony.

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Sorry to remind you, but just because it’s your wedding day doesn’t mean we can forget about climate change. The more ethical you are, the better – for the world, your conscience and your bragging rights. So no floral foam. Instead, use ethical confetti and even ethical glitter bars.

And forget the naff favours, donate to charity instead!

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Wedding Speech Writers

Just slipping this one in but, wedding speech writers are no longer a dirty secret! Instead, they’re an aspirational investment and a trend that’s here to stay.

Sure, we’re entirely biased, but when it comes to wedding speech writers, we’re the dream team. An elite crew of BBC trained comedy writers at your disposal, and we’re at the forefront of encouraging a more diverse wedding speech line-up. A large part of our client base is now brides and mums, but whoever you are, we can help you nail it.

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Why be stuck in the old, normative traditions? Weddings are now catching up to wider society with a growing trend for blokes to be asked to join Team Bride and vice versa.

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Just because your parents got married in a very traditional ceremony doesn’t mean you have to. Instead, inject the personality you want by choosing a celebrant who’ll perform the service with all the pizazz you dreamed of. The trend for personalised, outdoor and celebrant led weddings is rocketing.

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Whatever your tipple, you can toast to it! Couples are getting more and more creative. George Clooney’s tequila is popular, as are more ‘masculine’ cocktails like the whiskey sour. Whatever you like – whether espresso martinis, G and T’s, even flaming sambucas, it’s your day.

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A high-end wedding trend which is more than just a colour theme. Dark décor, blackberry cocktails, chocolate in abundance. The photos will look AMAZING.

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Wedding websites and hashtags are almost passé these days, but the savvy bride will be listening to a wedding podcast in the run-up to the day and will no doubt be planning an interactive projection to help decorate the venue. There are also all kinds of apps to help on the run-up to the big day, all the way to the end of the reception.

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