Wedding Entertainment

Even the term ‘wedding entertainment’ fills us with dread.

Yes, we’ve seen a few great bands over the years but we’ve also seen some dodgy magicians (couldn’t even fool us after two bottles of wine), plenty of terrible bands, several ABBA-obsessed DJs,  one very miserable DJ (who didn’t realise it was his job to take requests from drunken bridesmaids), one Salsa teacher and one very odd comedian.

Consequently we feel it’s our moral duty to introduce you to a company we rather like. Monkeynut Entertainment. They specialise is premium entertainment and they’re all about quality (much like our good selves).

It’s run by a very cool dude called Elliot Frisby (we know, he totally pulls it off) who has a pretty impressive back catalogue (performing at the Royal Albert Hall alongside Dame Shirley Bassey for example). He’s now sourced a line up of quality acts who 1) he genuinely loves and 2) understand what people want from their wedding entetainment.

So check out his site and tick it off your list. Entertainment sorted.

Don’t say we’re not good to you.

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