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Father of the Bride Speech Examples

Father of the Bride Speech Examples

Three examples of father of the bride speeches to inspire and excite you, written by the Speechy team and SpeechyAI.

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Lessons to Learn from Our Speech Examples

  • Length – no more than 1,300 words
  • Structure – Don’t begin with the thank-yous, start with the stories and hook in your audience
  • Resist Googled-gags, cliches, and platitudes – focus on good storytelling
  • Pepper the speech with humour throughout
  • Remember to thank the mother of the bride and your new in-laws
  • Have the sentimental summary towards the end of your speech

Ultimately though, every speech should be unique and tailored to the individual speaker’s style.

For obvious reasons, we cannot share the full range of speeches we write for our clients but these are generic (and made-up) speeches to give you an idea of a good structure.

Your speech may be more sentimental, shorter, or poetic. Crucially, it needs to be more YOU!

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Father of the Bride Speech Example 1 – Fergus

NB – This speech was created by SpeechyAI using the Speechy writing principles.

Greetings and Welcome

Hello everyone and welcome! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Fergus, Sarah’s father… and as her number one fan, I’ve been elected to take on the role of chief speech-giver today. Now, I know what you’re all thinking… An accountant giving a speech, likely to be riveting, right? Well, you’re in luck because today I’ve swapped my calculator for a microphone, brought my best dad jokes, and learned some words that have nothing to do with pensions, taxes, or annual returns. Let’s hope it all adds up! Now my job today is an important one – it’s to share some amazing stories about a pretty remarkable young woman. So get comfortable, look around at the lovely faces here today, and let’s get ready for a glimpse into the extraordinary life of my daughter, Sarah.

Tribute to the Bride

From the start, she refused to be anything except punctual and tidy, traits that were a stark contrast to her brother, Liam! She loved science – fuelled by exploding objects in the garden with her mother, Nicola – and she bore a childhood dream to be a scientist. An accountant would have been a more practical ambition but alas, I digress!

My friends, Sarah was born an old soul. Back then, most children would spend hours running around or making a mess, while Sarah indulged in more… well, let’s call her interests the “early retirement” type. I’m talking chunky history books, the game of chess, and not to forget, her fondness for an early bed. Some might say well-behaved, I say she was training us for our golden years prematurely.

Today, she has an amazing career with GCHQ, though to be honest, I have no idea what she actually does there! And in her limited spare time – Sarah has a tendency to pack her schedule tighter than my tax return spreadsheet – she enjoys yoga, abseiling, choir singing, vaping when stressed (something only accountants should be doing!), and failing spectacularly at cooking poached eggs.

For Sarah, life has never been about competing, it’s always been about knowledge, compassion and how to figure out a metal detector. Trust me, nothing bonds a family like huddling together around a rusty beer can from the ’70s and treating it like buried treasure. This was our lives for many winters.

I’ve always seen so much of myself in Sarah. We share a musical talent, even if age has cruelly taken some of mine away! But, she also inherited her mother’s determination, intelligence, and gusto, qualities that made her unstoppable from the get-go.

Of course, nobody’s perfect, and Sarah was not an exception. Her greatest failing? Sporting abilities. School sports day boiled down to, for Sarah, strong determination versus the reality of eggs dropping off spoons and finish lines always seeming too far away. Her heart was committed but her feet got the message too late. Forgive me for laughing, I was just too proud of her for always being the best sport, even if she wasn’t always the best at sports!

Tribute to the Bride’s Partner

Now, let’s turn our attention to the other person who makes Sarah’s life interesting, Ethan. When Sarah introduced us to Ethan, we knew she had found someone special. Not only did he dress better than me, he was also impeccably well-mannered! Although he’s outdoorsy, sings like a bird, and suspiciously avoids a gym…he seems almost too brilliant. Look at him, people, smug in his tweed jacket. He even has that proper British essential, a Whippet! What’s not to admire?

Tributes to Others and the Dearly Departed

Today has already been a wonderful one, but it’s on days like these that we most miss those who are absent, especially Sarah’s Grandpa, Ivor. He was a special man who had a deep bond with Sarah. Grandpa Ivor loved a good crossword and would have been so stoked to see Ethan and Sarah tying the knot. So, please join me in a toast to absent friends and dearly departed.

On this special day, I want to express my gratitude to some key people who raised these wonderful kids. First, I must shine a light on Nicola, Sarah’s mother. Her creativity, wit, and spirit formed an unbreakable bond with both Sarah and Liam, and for that, I’m eternally grateful. Second, to Jennifer and Ross Wise, for raising such a gentleman in Ethan. Lastly, a special shoutout to all of Ethan’s family who made the long journey down from Aberdeen.

Sentimental Conclusion and Toast

Sarah, you bring pride and joy to my life. I know you and Ethan are going to build a beautiful future together. In the words of your younger self, I hope that your life together is “organized, tidy, and always punctual!” I would now like to ask everyone to raise their glasses, to Sarah and Ethan, may they always find happiness, peace, and love in their shared journey.

To Sarah and Ethan

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Father of the Bride Speech Example 2- Aaron, same-sex wedding speech

Greetings and Welcome

Good evening everyone. For those of you who may not know me, I’m Aaron, owner of a dusty hard hat and a construction business, but also holder of a more prestigious title today, The Father of the Bride. Now, I’ve built many things in my time, but no project has been as wonderfully challenging and consistently over budget as our beautiful Kayla.

I am delighted to see so many familiar faces here, helping us mark this special day. You all mean a lot to both Kayla and Hannah, so for just one day, pretend to enjoy my speech!

Tribute to the Bride – Kayla

Kayla somersaulted into the world back in August ’97 and has never sat still since. By five, she’d already acquired the nickname, Bendy-boo, due to her remarkable ability to… well, bend. It was like she’d been born without bones. A walking, talking strand of spaghetti – and not the al dente sort.

Whether she was eating, doing her homework, or watching TV – she’d still be doing cartwheels over the sofa, backflips over the coffee table, or using the breakfast bench to perfect her bridges.  Quite frankly, she was exhausting. And not just physically, but mentality too.

Hell, she could talk. And not just to me, but to everyone. Whenever we left the house, she’d dive headfirst into in-depth conversations with neighbourhood strangers or elderly ladies on park benches. By the age of five, she seemed to know everyone in town. Delivery drivers stopped knocking on our door, in case young Kayla answered and held them hostage with her chat.

But, despite her fearsome reputation, Kayla was always a very caring child. You won’t be surprised to hear, she was environmentally conscious from a young age. She fixed things rather than throwing them out. She buried her goldfish, rather than flushing him down the toilet. And she’d spend an hour every week sorting through our garbage, making sure it was ready to be recycled. And then gathering the family to try to expose who had put some hard molded plastics in the plastic container. (put a hand up guiltily) It was always me who had to confess.

Kayla has always been a force of nature and her love for adventure and her commitment to a sustainable life make me very proud. Fuelled by mischief, occasional reckless courage, and a solid diet of burgers and chicken wings, she’s lived her life with passion and determination.

As her dad, watching Kayla was like a spectator sport. There have been countless falls, impressive stunts, and even some hair-raising injuries but Kayla has acquired them all with a smile on her face. What do they say in the Netherlands? If your child hasn’t broken a bone by the time they’re 18, then you have failed as a parent. Well, myself and Michelle obviously excelled ourselves as Kayla broke three bones and fractured a couple too. And all before she was 13.  

Kayla’s teenage years weren’t without its speed bumps and potholes, and she was adamant she wanted a motorbike. I remember we put our foot down on that one, and in protest, she ran away from home. Half a mile down the road to her Grandma and Pops. You see, as much as Kayla is an adventurer, she’s a homebird too.

I couldn’t have been prouder when Kayla graduated and almost immediately, started work as an environmental scientist for one of the world’s best eco-charities. She gets to travel a lot with work, but she’s never away for too long. And while other dads can say their daughters have changed their lives, I can say my daughter has changed the world!   

Tribute to the Bride’s Partner – Hannah

Knowing how unique my daughter is, I could never quite imagine a partner who could match her. Who could keep up with all her conversation points? Who could stand back and smile as she abseils down the highest open-air building ascent in the world? Who could eat her spicey chilli without thinking she’s trying to kill you?

Well that woman, was Hannah. An equally unique and incredible woman.

They met at their work’s summer party where they discovered an equal passion for a free bar! Hannah, you know, is more serene than our daredevil; she typically prefers the safety of solid ground and a good book while Kayla goes about her wild escapades. But, their shared love for the outdoors and commitment to a sustainable life is undeniably evident.

Hannah, you’ve brought peace and grounding into Kayla’s whirlwind. And Kayla, you’ve managed to bring out that glorious hint of mischievousness in Hannah. Hannah, you add a measure of calm to Kayla’s chaos, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Tributes to Others, and the Dearly Departed

As we celebrate today, it would be remiss not to mention the extraordinary role Michelle, Kayla’s mum, played. We’ve been running the good-cop, bad-cop game for years, and somehow, Kayla still adores us both. My warm thanks also goes to my current wife, Tia, for embracing Kayla and giving her someone else to torment in our beautiful, blended family.

Now, there are some much-loved faces absent today – one being Hannah’s Dad, Robert. Judging by the remarkable woman his daughter has become, he surely would have been ecstatic on this day. So, please raise your glass with me to absent friends and those we dearly miss.

Sentimental Conclusion & Toast

As we move towards the end, let me tell you that walking my Bendy-Boo down the aisle has been an honour, and seeing her find her soulmate, a pure joy. Hannah, welcome to our crazy family.

Finally, let’s toast to a blessed marriage filled with somersaults, spicy sauces, and cocktails drunk with sustainable straws. May your shared adventures be as beautiful and vibrant as the both of you.

Raise your glasses please, to Kayla and Hannah.

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Father of the Bride Speech Example 3 – Stepfather Alex

Greetings and Welcome

Good evening, everyone, and thank you for joining us here at the stunning Signet Library, a location ornate enough to match Sophia’s carefully curated handbag collection.

I’m Alex, Sophia’s significantly less stylish stepdad. I have the privilege of sharing a few words about the first half of this dynamic duo – the High Priestess of Excel Spreadsheets herself, Sophia. Buckle in, folks, this is a woman who, even as a child, made her teddy bears follow a strict seating plan.

Tribute to the Bride – Sophia

Today has been an emotional day. At various points, I think I’ve been more nervous than I’ve ever been and more proud than I’ve ever been. Walking you down the aisle Sophia was a dream – you look so beautiful today and I could see from Alex’s face that he felt the overwhelming pride in you that I do.  I’ve spoken to a number of your friends and family while writing this speech and I think the warmth and the love that I’ve felt today is a great reflection on how people feel about you as a couple. You bring us all joy and always leave a smile on our faces – even when you’re bossing us about, Sophia!  

When I first met Sophia, I was struck by her energetic spirit and her affinity for dictating the rules of Snakes and Ladders. As a five-year-old, her charisma was off the charts, a harbinger of the assertive, vibrant woman she would grow into. Brothers and sisters, parents and friends, I can confidently say life has never been dull since our paths crossed.

I have many magical memories of Sophia. And strangely, several of them involve drinking together… (raise your glass, eyebrow raise)

The first one is probably the finest drink I’ve ever had. This wasn’t a glass of wine or a beautiful scotch. This was a cup of tea, served in a tiny pink plastic cup. If I’m honest, the drink didn’t even exist, as it was at her teddy bear’s picnic.

I remember it was probably a month after I’d moved in with the girl and I came home from work and was invited over to join in the tea party.

On my best behaviour, I sat on the tiny little chair and Sophia served me a cup of tea, with a drop of milk and several slices of pizza. Sadly all invisible and rather tasteless. Still, I sat there, happily slurping away and chatting nonsense for a good thirty minutes before walking away and realizing it was the best restaurant I’d been to in ages.

On a more significant level, I also recognized how much I loved having two beautiful children suddenly in my life. That tea party was, perhaps, the first pang of true love that I felt for the girls; a feeling that has only multiplied over the years.

The next drink I’d like to tell you about is the champagne we shared after Sophia’s graduation, a wonderful day that will live on in my memory as one of life’s highlights.

Of course, it was no surprise to any of us that Sophia would choose to be a teacher. She’s a rules-loving force of nature, and her skills as an inspirational teacher reverberate beyond her classroom’s confines. Over the years, she’s shown impressive dedication to improving not only herself but those around her. And let that be a warning to you Ross!

I still remember the time she tried to give me a haircut. She was 19 – so I trusted her – but I looked like I’d been styled by a psychopath toddler. Pam couldn’t stop laughing. But I was too scared to utter much more than a ‘lovely’ in the mirror before running away to the barbers.

Next, another drink I’ve enjoyed with Sophia; a lukewarm, overpriced beer in a plastic cup. I think it was about £7, it tasted awful but it was pure joy and attending a Kylie concert together will forever be one of my favourite memories. Just picture it, yours truly with a gaggle of youngsters, belting out “Spinning Around,” unashamedly out-singing everyone. Shameful? Yes. But brilliant nevertheless.

The final drink I’d like to honour is this one (raise glass). My future toast to the happy couple. Me and Pam couldn’t have imagined anyone more suited to our girl than Ross.

Tribute to the Bride’s Partner – Ross

Their meeting in the gym now seems almost symbolic. Sophia, a woman who consistently approaches life with all guns blazing, paired with Ross, a light-hearted charmer with a golf swing as mighty as his heart. Unlike Sophia’s gym membership, her relationship with Ross quickly escalated, proving that sometimes love found in the most unexpected places.

Thank yous

At this point, I’d like to also offer a special thank you to my beautiful wife, Pamela – who I met when she was lost and I knew the way. If you’ll allow an old man a moment of sentimentality, she means the absolute world to me. She’s been my wife, my friend, and my partner in crime for over two decades now and she hasn’t moaned once. She has been a wonderful mother to Sophia and Anna, and someone I not only care for but have always looked up to. So, Pamela, thank you for everything. (raise glass) We did it!

To Ross’s parents, Rebecca and Marcus. Firstly: welcome to the family! And also, I’d like to offer a quick thank you for bringing up such a caring, and altruistic son. Parenthood is never easy, but from the first time I met Ross, I could tell you’ve done a top job.

Sentimental Summary & Toast

Finally, Sophia, as you step into this new chapter, my heart swells with relentless pride.

So, ladies and gentlemen, grab your glasses and get on your feet. Let’s raise a toast to an extraordinary couple, my stepdaughter Sophia, and her husband Ross. May your life together be as thrilling as a Kylie concert and as caring as a five-year-old girl serving invisible tea to her teddies.

To Sophia and Ross.

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